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Electra provides information on the latest work performed by the Study Committees and on the Life of the Association.

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June 2014 N°. 274


Life of the Association 4 - 14

 New CIGRE Awards 2014 – CIGRE Fellow Award, CIGRE Thesis Award. Distinguished Award Winners
 ELECRAMA – 8-12 January, Bangalore, India
 CIGRE India – Report, by Pierre Argaut, Chairman, SCB1

Annual Report 16-22
 B4 - HVDC and Power Electronics 

Working Group Reports 24-33
 A1.30 - Usage of Magnetic slot Wedges in Hydro
 D2.01 - Strategic Priorities for information Systems Issues 

 Application of SF6 in Transmission and Distribution Networks 

Technical Brochures / Brochures Thematiques

 578 GT C4.409 - Protection des pales de turbines éoliennes contre la foudre
 578 WG C4.409 - Lightning Protection of Wind Turbine Blades 

 579 GT C1.19 - Réseau en terrain vierge, concevoir les futurs réseaux en ignorant la contrainte de l’existant
 579 WG C1.19 - Green Field Network, Designing Future Networks ignoring Existing Constraint 

 580 GT C5.12 - Mesures de limitation du pouvoir demarché des producteurs dans les marchés d’électricité
 580 WG C5.12 - Generator Market Power Mitigation Measures in Electricity Markets 

 581 GT A1.28 - Guide – Essais au moyen de la sonde électromagnétique Corona (TVA)
 581 WG A1.28 - Guide - Corona Electromagnetic Probe Tests (TVA)