August 2012

Table of contents

  • Scientific Paper
  • Annual Reports
  • Life of the Association
  • Technical Committee Report
  • Technical Brochures

Scientific Paper

  • Balancing Renewable Energy Sources using Vehicle to Grid Services controlled by MPC in a Metropolitan AreaDistribution Network - Part 2 by M.D. Galus, G. Andersson

Annual Reports

  • SC C1 - System Development and Economics
  • SC C3 - System Environmental Performance

Life of the Association

  • USNC, B1, B2, B4, D2 -CIGRE Colloquium on HVDC and Power Electronic Systems including overhead line and insulated cable applications

Working Group Report

  • Wholesale/Retail Electricity Market Interdependencies-C5.74

Study Committee Report

  • Transformer Efficiency-SC A2

Technical Committee Report

  • CIGRE’s activities in the field of “Large Disturbances” compiled by Christoph Schneiders

Technical Brochures

  • 503 - WG A1.23- State Of The Art And Capacity For Robotic Inspection Of Turbogenerators/GT A1.23- Etat de l’art et possibilités de l’inspection robotisée des  turbo-alternateurs
  • 504 - WG C2.13-Voltage and VAr Support in System Operation/GT C2.13-Soutien de la tension et de la puissance réactive dans l’exploitation des réseaux
  • 505 - WG C5.03-Funding - Generation and Transmission Investment/GT C5.03-Financement des investissements de production et de transport
  • 506 – WG D1.03-Gas Insulated System for HVDC: DC Stress at DC and AC Systems /GT D1.03- Equipements sous isolation gazeuse en CCHT: Contraintes dans les réseaux CC et CA
  • 507 - WG D2.28-Communication Architecture for IP-based Substation Applications
    /GT D2.28 -Architecture de Télécommunications pour des Applications concernant les Postes et utilisant IP