CIGRE Colloquia

Colloquium HVDC and Power Electronics to Boost Network Performance

02/10/2013 - 03/10/2013
Brasilia - BR

Organisation : CIGRE Brasil

In conjunction with this meeting, CIGRÉ Study Committee B4 and the National Brazilian Committee are organizing a Colloquium (October 2nd and 3rd) about FACTS and HVDC applications.


Joint Colloquium of CIGRE SC A2 / C4

08/09/2013 - 14/09/2013
Zurich - CH

Organisation : CIGRE

The Call for Papers is closed.


CIGRE SC B3 / D1 Colloquium Brisbane 2013

08/09/2013 - 13/09/2013
Brisbane - AU

Organisation : CIGRE

Managing Substations in the Power Systems of the Future – Trends in Technology, Design, Materials and Diagnostics

CIGRE SC A1 Meeting and Colloquium on Large Electrical Machines and Renewable Generation

30/08/2013 - 07/09/2013
Bucarest - RO

Participate in the CIGRÉ SC A1 Meeting and CIGRÉ Colloquium on “Large Electrical Machines and Renewable Generation”


International Colloquium on UHV

03/04/2013 - 04/04/2013
New Delhi - IN

Organisation : CIGRE Technical Committee in association with CIGRE National Committee of India Leading Study Committees : A3, B2, B3 Supporting Study Committees : A2, C4 and D1