Cigre Study Committee B5 Annual Meeting and Colloquium

20/09/2015 - 26/09/2015
Nanjing - CN

Organisation : Chinese National Committee for CIGRE

More than 170 delegates from 23 countries have registered for this conference.

The Chinese National Committee of CIGRE welcomes Study Committee B5 (Protection and Automation) to hold its 2015 Annual Meeting and associated Colloquium in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China on 20. – 26. September 2015. This event will be jointly held with the APAP2015 - the 6th International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection.

Important dates              

15 July 2015: Distribution of papers and special reports                                                        

23 August 2015: Final date for submission of poster for reviewing                                       

31 August 2015: Early bird registration deadline                                                                   

13 September 2015: Receipt of prepared contributions                                                          

13 September 2015: Final date for submission of poster for printing        


The Colloquium will be held in Zijin Ballroom A of Hotel Crowne Plaza Jiangning Nanjing on Wednesday and Thursday, 23 - 24 September 2015.

The preferential subjects for this meeting will be:

PS1 - User experience and current practice for cyber-security applications in DSAS

Special reporter: Dennis Holstein (US)

  • Cyber-security measures currently applied by utilities in DSAS (IED, station- and process-bus, HMI) maintenance and operation
  • User feedback concerning cyber-security measures implemented in DSAS (including remote access and maintenance)
  • Significant recent modifications or evolutions of cyber-security measures in DSAS

maintenance and -operation

  • Utility  strategies  to  comply  with  regulatory  requirements  concerning  the  cyber security of DSAS operation and -maintenance
  • Utility  strategy  and  experience  regarding  cyber-security  issues  on  DSAS  patch management and –deployment


PS2 Sub-Synchronous Resonance (SSR) in existing and future networks – Detection and appropriate measures

Special reporter: Guosheng Yang (CN)

  • Requirements  and  constraints  for  SSR  detection:  sensitivity,  accuracy,  frequency range, speed, etc.
  • Methods for detection and real time measurements of the oscillations due to SSR and their evaluation
  • SSR protection schemes : design and implementation
  • Utility Experience concerning SSR: learned lessons, mitigation etc.


PS3  Management  &  Organizational  Change  in  Response  to  New  Protection  & Automation Technologies

Special reporter: Richard Simon (UK)

  • Management of obsolescence – hardware and software
    • Management of software/firmware upgrading and version changes, including remote access
    • Management of renewal of IED and DSAS including refurbishment and compatibility issues
    • Organization,  education  and  development of  staff  in  departments  involved  with protection and automation, and liaison with contractors/suppliers
    • Performance Assessment

More information on:

2015 CIGRE SC B5 Annual Meeting and Colloquium Bulletin 2 version 1 (pdf, 562kB)