International Colloquium on UHV


03/04/2013 - 04/04/2013
New Delhi - IN

Organisation : CIGRE Technical Committee in association with CIGRE National Committee of India Leading Study Committees : A3, B2, B3 Supporting Study Committees : A2, C4 and D1


Click here to read the General Programme (pdf, 294kB)

The Colloquium will be held for two days and will include panel sessions on 3-4, April 2013 to discuss the performance parameters of the 1200 kV test station.

• During paper sessions the authors will present their papers and will then participate in general discussions.

• Optional technical visit to 1200 kV National Test Station of Power Grid at Bina (M.P.) has been arranged for delegates on 5-6 April 2013. The programme for Technical visit is being finalised. The details after finalization shall
be put up on the CIGRE Paris and India website.

Call for Papers UHV International Colloquium (pdf, 25kB)


Konstantin O. Papailiou
Chairman, SC B2
Email :

V.K. Kanjlia
Secretary & Treasurer, CIGRE India