2013 MAKO CIGRE Conference

22/09/2013 - 24/09/2013
hotel "Metropol" in Ohrid - MK

Organisation : CIGRE

8th MAKO CIGRE Conference in Macedonia

Dear Colleagues,

Traditionally, the EIGTH MAKO CIGRE Conference will take place at the hotel "Metropol" in Ohrid from Sep 22 - 24.

The conference goal and agenda enable this conference to be recognized as an important event for the electricity community in Macedonia by addressing topics covered by all 16 Study Committees.

For that purpose, in addition to the Study Committee sessions, a plenary session where experts from the region will discuss and debate on the topic "Prospects for a National Power Exchange in the Republic of Macedonia" (working title).

We are prepared to organize poster/dialogue session for the purpose of presentation of works, and for that purpose we encourage authors interested in this type of presentation to submit their applications.

As was the case before, the conference will include a professional exhibition; therefore we invite the companies that recognize CIGRE organized events as an opportunity for their commercial presentation to express their interest and take part therein.

These organizational aspects of MAKO CIGRE 2013 will assure an atmosphere required for expert work, affirmation of knowledge and ideas, putting forward proposals and questions.

Participation of foreign experts often offers novelties for the Macedonian expert public, which is the general spirit of CIGRE activities aimed to distribute knowledge and exchange information.

We also encourage students to write and submit their works, while MAKO CIGRE will financially support their participation at the Conference.

Certainly, we would like our colleagues to use this event to become members of our association, which in turn will provide them the opportunity for future, personal information on association's future activities and development plans.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Ohrid.

Rubin Taleski

President MAKO CIGRE

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