Integration of Large Capacity Renewable Energy Systems on Transmission & Distribution Networks

25/04/2016 - 27/04/2016
Meridien Amman Hotel, Amman - Jordan

Organisation : Jordan Cigre National Committee (JCNC)

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In the light of continuing progress for renewable energy projects in Jordan and the region, Jordan Cigre National Committee has the honor to invite engineers and experienced specialists, industrialists, academics and researchers in the electrical & industrial sectors to participate in the conference of  (Integration of  Large Capacity Renewable Energy Systems on Transmission and Distribution networks )  which will be held during the period April 26th to 27th, 2016 atLe MeridienAmman Hotel – in Amman/ Jordan.

This conference will be preceded by two workshops in the morning and evening of Monday, April 25th, 2016 entitled:"Commissioning & Final Acceptance Tests for Solar Projects (case study)" and"Commissioning & Final Acceptance Tests for Wind Projects (case study)", where through these workshops many actual case studies and practical solutions related to renewable energy projects will be presented.

This conference would be a valuable opportunity to enhance the interaction and exchange of knowledge among participants, as would be an appropriate event for institutions, electricity and industry representatives to put forward their problems and developing their plans to meet the integration of Large Capacity Renewable Energy systems on the T&D  networks.

invitation-english (pdf, 2MB)

Call for papers - Arabic language (doc, 66kB)

Objectives of the Conference:

-       To enhance cooperation and exchange of experience between stakeholders in the energy and power sector in the field of renewable energy systems.

-       To encourage scientific research and studies in the field connecting large capacity renewable energy systems on electrical networks.

-       Enable the engineers in the electrical sector from figuring out the problems arise as from connecting large capacity RE systems to the network and finding the suitable solutions.

-       To encourage university students to conduct joint research with the power & distribution companies in the field of renewable energy systems.


Themes of the conference (Conference Topics):

Session 1: Standards & Regulations for Large Capacity Renewable Energy Integration.

1-    Renewable energy integration standards development.

2-    Policies & Regulations for RE Integrated Systems.

Session 2:  Integration of Large Capacity Renewable Energy Systems.

1-    PV System & Grid Integration

2-    Solar Thermal System Integration.

3-    Movement towards Clean and Green Electrical Systems (Applications & New Technologies)

4-    Integration of Battery Storage System into the Grid

Session 3: Planning & Operation of Large Capacity Renewable Energy (RE) Systems integrated into the T&D Networks (including impact on Electrical Systems)

1-    Addressing the needs, applications and developments of electrical systems adopting renewable energy technologies mixed with other systems.

2-    Economic Studies for the new RE Integrated Systems.

3-    Demand Response for RE Integrated Systems.

4-    Impact of RE- Integration on the Short Circuit Level for T& D Electrical Systems.

5-    Impact of Newly Integrated RE- Systems on the Dispatch Schemes of Generation Units.

6-    Capacity Limits of RE- Integration on T&D Electrical Systems.

Session 4: Technical Problems & Possible Solutions

1-    Voltage & Frequency Stability Problems associated with RE Integration.

2-    Safety and Power Quality for Electrical Systems of RE Integrated Systems.

3-    Stability and Reliability of Electrical Systems integrated with RE Systems.

4-    Problems of Islanding & Possible Solutions

Session 5: Contracting and related Agreements.

1-    Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) and Other Related Agreements of Independent Power Producers (IPP's) for The new RE Integrated Systems.

Conference language:

- Papers shall be submitted in either English or Arabic Language (Abstract shall be submitted in both languages English & Arabic).

Instructions to prepare the full paper:

The following shall be considered:

- Scientific paper: - Title
   Font: Times New Roman or Simplified Arabic  16 bold
- The name and address of the author / authors: -

      Font: Times New Roman or Simplified Arabic 14 normal.

   -  The paper summary (Abstract):
 Font: Times New Roman italic or Simplified Arabic normal 12 , upper limit  (300) words.
 Text: shall be well organized.

   - Geometric shapes and numbers, titles and pictures should appear in a proper order with right definition and sequentially.

- The Summery (conclusions) shall clarify the importance of the paper with the most prominent advantages, constraints and possible applications.

   - Thanksgiving (if required) shall be before the references.

   - A sufficient and sequential references as given in the paper shall be listed.

   - Shall use MS-Word office.

Dead Lines:

- Receipt of abstracts: 15 Jan. 2016

- Notification of acceptance of  abstracts: 25 Jan. 2016

- Receipt of full papers: 20 Feb. 2016

- Notification of acceptance of full papers:10 March 2016

- Receipt of the PPT presentation: 01 April 2016

Registration Fees* :

150 JD (210 USD)    :for companies and institutions members of Jordan  Cigre  National Committee (JCNC) or any other National Cigre committee.

175 JD (250 USD)     :for non-members of Cigre National Committee

30   JD   (40 USD)     :for university students to attend the conference only.

250 JD (350 USD)     :for attendance of the conference and the two workshops .

75   JD (105 USD)    :for attendance of one workshop (150 JD) for both.

*Method of payment: will be provided later in the brochure


Submit your Abstract to :



Eng. Eid Al Assaf/ Secretary of Jordan Cigre National Committee

Eng. Khaled Said/ Chairman of the Organization Committee

Tel : 00 962 6 5804000   - Ext. (6640) or (6750) or (6420)

Fax : 00 962 6 5818336

For any question regarding the fees: Mrs Nebal Al alami ext. (6308)