International Workshop CIGRE 2015 in Milano

26/08/2015 - 28/08/2015
Stresa -Maggiore Lake - IT

Organisation : CIGRE Italy - Milan EXPO 2015

An international workshop 'Innovative Electrical Networks for a Sustainable  Development in Low Carbon Scenarios' will be held during the Milan EXPO 2015

The CIGRE Italian Committee intend to promote an International Workshop during Milan EXPO 2015(two days for speeches and one day for Milan Expo visit)

During the recent years, with the integration of renewable energy on a massive scale into the power system  and with huge quantities of distributed generation , the Electrical Grids  presents  innovative solutions in many aspects of electricity field .

According with the Strategic Plan of CIGRE this workshop wants to be an opportunity of presentation of innovative solution, experiences and research to permit the development of the networks, serving territories and cities, combining environmental sustainability and safety requirements.

Technical solutions to preserve rural and agriculture life , public acceptance of power infrastructures, reduction of energy losses with storage devices , upgrading and extension of life of existing components , management of side demand  ( electric urban transport etc.) are the main topics to present during the workshop.

Here is a summary of the purpose and theme of the workshop:

WORKSHOP CIGRE 2015 Expo MilanoENrev5 (pdf, 177kB)

The Expos in their history have always been characterized by significant events in the field of technological development of the electricity.

You can also visit the Milan EXPO web site for any further detail in the Expo event.