International colloquium “building smarter substations”

14/11/2016 - 16/11/2016
Mexico City - Mexico

Organisation : CIGRÉ Mexican National Committee and Study Committees B3, B5 and D2

Call for Papers: Colloquium CIGRE Mexico 2016

New developments in the fields of primary equipment, protection and communications pave the way to the implementation of new substation architecture providing new advanced functionalities.

Substations with enhanced capability and functionality (“smarter” substations) will become a key component of the new intelligent power system. The interaction between intelligent primary equipment, protection, automation, control devices and communications will provide new capabilities and advanced system performance.

The Colloquium will provide an opportunity for discussion of different aspects of Smart Substations presenting state-of-the-art solutions, interchange experiences and analysing different aspects of new opportunities, challenges, expectations and restrictions.

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  • Full Paper Submission September 15, 2016
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