NZ Auckland Symposium


16/09/2013 - 17/09/2013
Auckland - NZ

Organisation : CIGRE

Top world experts in High Voltage Equipment and Overhead Lines to attend CIGRE symposium in New Zealand

Every odd numbered year, CIGRE holds a couple of international Symposiums. In September 2013 we will host the CIGRE Symposium in New Zealand.

Two international CIGRE Study Committees A3 (HV Equipment) and B2 (Overhead Lines) will hold their annual meetings in Auckland in conjunction with the Symposium. This means that the top world experts in High Voltage Equipment and Overhead Lines will be in Auckland. The Symposium will focus on HV Equipment and Overhead Lines but will be supported by Study Committees B1 (Insulated Cables), B3 (Substations), A2 (Transformers), C6 (Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation), and D1 (Materials and Emerging Test Techniques).


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The theme of the Symposium is Best Practice in Transmission and Distribution in a Changing Environment with the following primary topics:

1.     Extreme weather and environmental conditions (heavy rain, humidity, seismic, etc.)

2.     Lifetime management, asset management, maintenance techniques

3.     Upgrading and uprating of Transmission and Distribution assets

4.     HV and MV equipment

5.     New requirements for combined AC-DC networks, and

6.     Distributed generation issues (storage, stability, etc.)


Mark this event in your calendar now: CIGRE International Symposium, Auckland Skycity, September 16th to 17th, 2013.