2015 EPRI HVDC & FACTS Conference

20/08/2015 - 21/08/2015
3420 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA - US

Organisation : EPRI

Prospective authors are requested to submit an abstract no later than June 20, 2015. The conference aims to draw on the concepts, experiences, and best practices related to HVDC & FACTS

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) continues to play a vital leadership role in the theoretical and experimental fronts in HVDC, AC/DC conversion equipment, and operation of HVDC systems. The EPRI High Voltage Laboratory in Lenox, MA, is a unique research and testing resource available to EPRI members. Lenox Laboratory has conducted pioneering research for a half a century, first under the direction of General Electric and later as a dedicated EPRI center.

Further, many countries around the world (including sub-equatorial Africa, China, and India) are building or considering building HVDC systems at voltage levels of +/- 800 kV and above, creating a need for additional research to enhance the development of various components to operate at these UHV levels.

EPRI also pioneered the FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) technology over the last two decades to make it possible to load lines at least for some contingencies up to their thermal limits without compromising system reliability. In order to understand what is required of the FACTS controllers, EPRI has initiated several FACTS system studies with various utilities around the world. EPRI also demonstrated the state of the art FACTS technologies working closely with utilities and manufacturers. These FACTS technologies include Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC), Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), Static Synchroous Series Compensator (SSSC), Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC), Inter-phase Power Flow Controller (IPFC), and Convertible Static Compensator (CSC).

EPRI has an on-going research program and many on-going and proposed projects are dedicated to developing technologies related to HVDC and FACTS. As part of this research program, EPRI sponsors the HVDC & FACTS Conference every other year to promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas related these technologies.

Event Sheet - 2015 HVDC FACTS Conference Aug 20-21 2015 (pdf, 28kB)

Conference Description

The conference aims to draw on the concepts, experiences, and best practices related to HVDC & FACTS. The conference will consist of presented papers and panel sessions. Some of the topics covered in this conference include:

  • Next generation HVDC & FACTS Technologies including VSC DC Transmission (Overhead & Underground)
  • Application of DC & FACTS for renewable and new power source integration including DC Grids
  • Avoiding widespread blackouts by AC system segmentation using HVDC
  • New Cable for AC and DC Operation
  • Life extension of HVDC & FACTS
  • Control upkeep and replacement (such as plug/play)
  • Planning & Operation of DC & FACTS installations
  • Converter Transformer issues
  • +/- 800 kV transmission and above
  • DC conductor bundle design
  • DC insulation selection & insulation coordination
  • Ground electrode design and operation
  • Substation and converter design and operation
  • DC Circuit Breakers & DC to DC Transformers
  • Communications & impact of environmental conditions
  • Expansion of both HVDC and FACTS stations
  • Up-rating of HVDC and FACTS Systems
  • Multi-terminal DC for cross-jurisdictional transmission
  • HVDC cable systems
  • AC to DC Conversion (Bi-pole & Tri-Pole concepts)
  • Building Block concepts for HVDC & FACTS
  • AC and DC on the same tower or same corridor
  • DC System Performance and Component testing
  • Electrical effects of DC (Ions/Space Charge, Electric Fields, EMI – Electromagnetic Interference , AN – Audible Noise, RI – Radio Interference, TVI- Television Interference, & Corona)
  • Health effects of HVDC
  • Live Line maintenance and work practices
  • Operator training simulators for DC & FACTS
  • Dynamic reactive power management & control
  • New power electronic devices (S-GTO, ETO, IGBT, IGCT)
  • New materials for power electronic devices (SiC, GaN, etc.)

Other power electronic application topics closely related to HVDC & FACTS such as solid state fault current limiters are also appropriate.

Call for Papers

Prospective authors are requested to submit an abstract no later than June 20, 2015. Notice of paper acceptance will be provided by July 10, 2015. The full paper will be due by August 10, 2015. Late papers can be included in the conference if time permits.

Send Abstracts to:

Suzette Yu, Conference Coordinator

3420 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94304
650.855.2335, Fax 650.855.2002

Abstract should include the title and authors, and should be no more than a single page in total.


For questions regarding conference logistics, please contact the Conference Coordinator (see above). For technical questions, please contact:

Dr. Ram Adapa

415.806.3613 (cell)

650.855.8988 (office)


Schedule of Events

The conference starts on Thursday, August 20th at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 12:00 noon on Friday, August 21st. A technical tour of Trans Bay Cable converter station near San Francisco is being arranged on Friday, August 21st in the afternoon.


The meeting is at EPRI, 3420 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304.