Renewable Energy world Conference & Expo.

Renewable energy word conference

03/10/2012 - 05/10/2012
Bangkok - TH

Renewable Energy World Asia is the regions premier conference and a great opportunity to network with leading organisations and high level influencers.

South East Asia is a region leading the way in the development and adoption of renewable energy for power generation. With an abundance of natural resources it has the capabilities to achieve great strides in the use of renewable and alternative energy from a range of sources.
 Thailand has some aggressive renewable energy plans, with the Ministry of Energy’s Renewable Energy Development Plan (REDP) aiming to increase the share of alternative energy mix to from 7% to 20% (approx 5,600 MW) of energy demand by 2021.
 These targets include wind energy to reach 800 MW by 2022 (currently less than 10 MW), Solar a target of 500 MW by 2022 (currently 50 MW), Biomass to be 3,700 MW by 2022 (currently 1,610 MW), Bio-gas a target of 120 MW by 2022 (currently 80 MW) and Waste to Energy generating 160 MW by 2022 (currently 13 MW).
 Investment in renewable energy is a goal for replacing imported oil, currently 9% of energy use, and to increase energy security for the country and the Ministry of Energy has employed a number of schemes and incentives to encourage renewable energy development.
 These schemes include tax incentives, investment grants, Energy Soft Loans, Government co-investing schemes and the ‘Adder’ feed in premiums policy.
 For companies involved in the manufacture of equipment to the supply of products or services to the renewable energy industry, Renewable Energy World Asia provides the platform and showcase opportunity to reach, meet and demonstrate to the renewable energy industry professionals and key industry buyers and influencers of South East Asia.

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