The MatPost 2019 Conference

MatPost 2019

20/11/2019 - 22/11/2019
Lyon - France

Organisation : MATPOST

The MatPost 2019 Conference will bring together producers of Electricity, network operators and equipment manufacturers in technical conferences.

HV and MV substation equipment: challenges on reliability, innovation and sustainable development, in the electric systems of the future. This will be the theme of the next edition.

The electrical system of tomorrow will be doubly a network of connected objects: energy, the classical way but also information. Each component will have both an electrotechnical functional role but will also be a connected object. The position will be the place of collection, synthesis, valuation at the crossroads of these two networks

The transformation of the field of electrical energy into a sector with more variable and distributed resources requires new means of data collection and interpretation. Data analysis (BDA like Big Data Analysis) provides the means to identify, collect and analyze the critical parameters needed to predict the system load. With highly variable renewable energy sources, the need for more sophisticated control systems is imperative to facilitate the connection of these sources to the grid.
The analysis of large data, the "cloud" and other related technologies to enable this shift from data to knowledge and results are all key technologies in digital transformation. Companies around the world are investing in the Internet of Things. Cybersecurity is a major problem. The cyber threats to the industrial IoT are real, global and growing. A new generation of sensors is coming. "Smart sensors" perform other functions. They can convert analog readings to digital format.

The eight plenary sessions of the MatPost2019 Conference will address these challenges for HV and MV substation equipment: SuperGrid - SmartGrid or SEN (Smart Electricity Networks), fully digital substations, Eco-Design, Normative aspects, State of the Art, New Methods of Testing and Diagnosis, Maintenance and Management of Sub-Stations, Simulation and Testing,
During the two days of plenary sessions, the technical exhibition of the MatPost conference which brings together the main actors always arouses the interest of the visitors. The visit of the exhibition is a must for the conviviality made possible by the size of the event, the discussion areas around the themes of the Conference and the presence on the stands of the experts of the fields presented.
This exhibition is an excellent complement to the rich scientific and technical program presented during the plenary sessions of the Conference.

Technical visits are proposed on the third day. Detailed information on the website.

Looking forward to welcoming you to MATPOST 2019


Opening of abstract submission: 15 December 2018

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 march 2019

Notification of acceptance: 15 april 2019

Deadline for final paper submission: 30 june 2019