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CIGRE Awards

CIGRE grants 6 kinds of distinctions in recognition of the services rendered by members

CIGRE grants 6 kinds of distinctions in recognition of the services rendered by members:

CIGRE MedalHonorary MemberDistinguished member
New CIGRE FellowTechnical CouncilNew Thesis Award
  • Every Session year, the "CIGRE Medal" is granted to maximum two members of CIGRE, in recognition of an oustanding contribution to the development of CIGRE (either administrative or technical achievement).
  • The new "CIGRE Fellow" award is attributed for active participation in the activities of the technical work of the study committees and for providing a lead technical role in the study committees (maximum five awards every two years). 
  • Also in Session years, the "Honorary Member" awards are granted to maximum ten members who have proven participation in CIGRE technical activities in a leadership role of CIGRE, and for members whose service of CIGRE has been judged exceptional.
  • The "Technical Council" award, granted by the Chairman of the Technical Council, is accorded every two years for active participation in Study Committees (maximum sixteen awards).
  • Every two years, longstanding services to CIGRE are rewarded by a "Distinguished Member" award, upon proposal from their National Committees.
  • The new Thesis Award is accorded in recognition for a paper written by a student based on their research or PhD or thesis (frequency: open)

The award winners will be published in ELECTRA and announced on the website.

Download the detailed definition including submission and qualification processes for these awards: 

CIGRE awards definitions-2017-12-12 (pdf, 183kB)