Who are CIGRE members ?


Worldwide CIGRE membership is more than:

  • 1096 Collective Members
  • 7358 Individual Members (out of which 868 Young Members)

CIGRE counts members in almost 81 countries; countries with a minimum of 40 equivalent members set up National Committees (NCs). NCs act as a relay for the local members and promote the activities of CIGRE.

A number of countries in the same geographical area can also form a CIGRE Region with a view to address more efficiently local issues.

CIGRE includes 4 categories of members :

    • Individual members I are individuals involved in the Industry (engineers, managers, researchers, professors, etc.).
    • Indvidual members II (Young members), aged under 35, only pay half the fee for their first 2 years of membership 
    • Collective members I consist of public or private companies, of industrial and/or commercial character, scientific and technical organisations, research Institutes, administrative bodies, etc.
    • Collective members II consist of universities and other educational bodies,...