One of CIGRE’s main missions is to produce and disseminate technical information

NEW: NON-CIGRE Members may now access and download free of charge all CIGRE publications (ELECTRA and Technical Brochures) that have been published more than 3 years ago. CIGRE Members have the advantage of accessing these and all of CIGRE's recent publications.

CIGRE documents can be accessed from our online library, e-, one of the most comprehensive accessible databases of relevant technical works on power engineering.

CIGRE Publications include the following :

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CIGRE Science & Engineering

The CIGRE journal of selected peer reviewed articles.

To access any of the issues of the CIGRE Science & Engineering journal online visit our library online e-cigré. 

Green Books

CIGRE's State of the Art Reference Books

Papers / proceedings

Papers and Proceedings of events (Session and Symposia)


Technical Brochures

The output of CIGRE Study Committees 

CIGRE Newsletter

The latest news on CIGRE's activities!