Issue 005 - June 2016

Table of contents CSE 005 - June 2016:

CSE005_TOC (pdf, 574kB)

Code of Ethics
Review of defence plans in Europe: current status, strengths and opportunities
Impact of distributed generation’s local regulations P(f) and Q(U) on stabilization of unintentional islanding situations on the distribution network
Electric and magnetic fields produced by 400kv double circuit overhead lines – Measurements and calculations in real lines and line models
Electrochemical in-situ assessment method for galvanic corrosion in bare overhead transmission line conductors
Practical comparison of powerline uprating and upgrading results
Compact OHTL insulation - future trends and technologies
Analysis of strategic MV - integrated PV generation on rural farming areas in the Western Cape
Improving power system stability of South Africa’s HVAC network using strategic placement of HVDC links
Possible approach of tensile strength calculation in conductors considering strain measurement of tower legs of OHLS
Integration of synchronous machine drive system for variable speed operation
The impact of optical fibre temperature sensors on the dielectric withstand of oil channel in the paperless winding insulation of power transformers
Analysis of the conditions for the operation of protection systems at the parallel operation of medium-voltage distribution networks
Wide Area Monitoring Systems and Information and Communication Technology Networks (Wams systems and ict networks)
The simple tie-line decomposition method – a new approach for a causation based cost-sharing key