Issue 006 - Oct. 2016

Table of contents CSE 006 - October 2016 : 

CSE006_TOC (pdf, 574kB)

Risk mitigation of medium voltage overhead distribution lines
Assessment of enabling technologies for the connection of wind farms to weak AC networks
Modeling of synchronous generators in power system studies
Interaction of vibration dampers with surge arresters
Condition assessment of conductors and ground wires of overhead lines using non-destructive testing based on magnetic flux measurements
Phasor measurement unit simulator for enhanced operator training
Protection of complicated bus arrangements using centralized low impedance intelligent electronic device
Adoption of Smart Grid Technologies: Results of a Survey of U.S. Electric Utilities
Smart virtual power plants for the future electric grid – realization and benefits
National Grid’s approach to commissioning of smart grid pilot devices
Space charge measurement for full-scale HVDC cables using pulsed-electroacoustic method
Testing and long term performance of gas-insulated DC compact switchgear