Issue 007 - Feb. 2017

Table of contents CSE 007 - February 2017 : 

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Improved generator performance with a nanocomposite high voltage insulation system for stator windings – A status report
Evaluation of the thermal performance of transformer windings by numerical investigations and measurements
Arresters with advanced cooling performance for protection of valves in HVDC converters
Development of the riser cable system for offshore floating wind power project
Calculation accuracy of high-temperature sag for ACSR in existing lines
Current situation and recent challenges in asset management of aging T&D substation facilities in Japan
Brazilian experience regarding interactions between series capacitors and svcs – Main challenges of Tucuruí-Macapá-Manaus interconnection project
Operating experience with and future challenges for coordinating power plant and power system protection
Managing regional security of supply: a case study from Scotland
Operational security challenges and tools for a synchronous power system with high penetration of non-conventional sources
Reduction of greenhouse gases in GIS pilot project in UK
Amplification of harmonic background distortion in wind power plants with long high voltage connections
Capacity mechanisms: Results from a world wide survey
An adaptive protection infrastructure for modern distribution grids with distributed generation
Solid-gas insulation in HVDC gas-insulated system: Measurement, modeling and experimental validation for reliable operation
Classification of customers based on temporal load profile patterns
Using the flow-based method for network investments’ evaluation – a new concept