First European Regional CIGRE Conference - SEERC


June 7-8, 2016, in Portoroz, Slovenia

CIGRE Women In Engineering


Following the  ‘CIGRE Women In Engineering Forum’ which was held in Paris as part of the 2014 session, I am very pleased that some of our national committees have taken the initiative further by establishing working bodies and organising events.

In China a women in engineering event was held in conjunction with the SC B5 colloquium. The event was successful in bringing together inspirational stories and shared experiences from successful women in the field of electric power systems, both from China and from further afield.

The UKNC has established the Women’s Network CIGRE (WNUK) under the leadership of Dr. Biljana STOJKOVSKA which will be exploring practical ways to ensure that CIGRE plays its part in encouraging and supporting women to achieve their full potential within the world of power engineering. 

CIGRE is an organisation where success is directly related to technical and professional contribution regardless of aspects such as age, race or gender. We are making major advances in engaging with younger engineers. To further reinforce these advances I would encourage all CIGRE members to think about what we can do to raise the profile of women in Engineering within CIGRE. CIGRE's governing bodies are keen to support such initiatives and we welcome your proposals and ideas.

Mark Waldron

CIGRE Technical Committee Chairman

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With extreme sadness we have to report the passing of Mr. Anatoly F. Dyakov, the Honorary Chairman of the CIGRE Russian National Committee and our representative in the CIGRE Administrative Council and the Steering Committee and Mr. István Nagy, President of CIGRE’s Hungarian National Committee.

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