2nd annual DLR Day : Recent advances and field experiences in Dynamic Line Rating

30/05/2013 - 30/05/2013
Brussels - BE

Organisation : CIGRE CN Belgium

How electricity transmission and distribution networks are being planned, operated and maintained?


For its second edition, the DLR day will focus on how Dynamic Line Rating is moving from a method that is being piloted to being an integral part of how electricity transmission and distribution networks are being planned, operated and maintained.Two elements are key to this transition and will be highlighted from different angles during the day:

  1. DLR tools and methodsmust beimprovedand enhanced to become more "usable" for the transmission & distribution system operators. The main focus in this area isforecasting. Short term intra-day forecasting, days-ahead forecasting and long term planning of dynamic line rating are essential to allow system operators to use the extra capacity that is made available to them and plan for it.
  2. To take full advantage of DLR, TSOs and DSOs mustadapttheirprocesses and tools. Doing this in-depth change without impacting security of supply is an important challenge! All areas of system management are potentially impacted: Network planning, Network operation, Network maintenance and last but not least energy market operation. All of those areas can benefit from DLR but achieving these benefits requires changes that need to be well thought out and executed, a long and tedious process. Luckily for DLR, there are other factors that require the System Operators to re-think their processes, methods and tools. As we all know by now, what used to be a rather static situation with known and predictable network flows has become a much more dynamic system, requiring increased flexibility and agility! 


To present and discuss these two topics the DLR-day will include presenters from three different corners:

  1. TheR&D communitywill highlight recent and on-going research in DLR. The focus will be on DLR forecasting and the use of weather forecasting models together with historic DLR measurements to generate reliable and accurate forecasts at different time horizons.
  2. Several European and non-EuropeanNetwork System Operatorswill present their DLR field experience and their view of the future: What are the lessons learned so far? What are the plans for the future? What should be the focus of further development in the DLR space?
  3. DLR solution providerswill present their advances and outlook. Where is the DLR market today? What are the main challenges?

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