CIGRE expands its presence in the global energy market.

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"I had the opportunity this year to participate in large events held by other major Organizations, and I was surprised to note that CIGRE remained too confidential".

François Meslier, CIGRE Secretary General

Some of our CIGRE partners will be holding a booth at the Paris Session, but we realized there was no reciprocal action on our part...

The CO looked for solutions and launched a first set of experiments this year, with the help of National Committees:

One of them was to participate in the Power & Electricity World Asia, held in Singapore on 15-20th of April.

Pascal Coudeville, the Senior Vice President Asia of Lloyd’s Register, is the main sponsor of this annual event, and he told me it is the best in Asia!

The NC of Malaysia helped us a lot, as Noor Afzan Ab Majid manned the booth during this event.


On the picture below, Mrs Rupa Devi Singh, Managing Director & CEO of Power Exchange India Limited.



On the two pictures above, Mr. Sharifuddin,  Honorary Treasurer, CIGRE NC Malaysia, and Mr. Anthonysamy from CIGRE NC Malaysia, briefing one of our Delegates. 

Other booths will be organized during the 44th Session and we will definitively report about their participation.

May I encourage NCs to also take initiatives in this respect, noting that the CO is ready to help, in particular for the communications supports to be distributed to our visitors. If you need any help, please contact us at

François Meslier

CIGRE Secretary General