Establishment of the South East European Region CIGRE


SEERC: first official meeting of South East European Region of CIGRE


History background:
  • Tradition of CIGRE meetings in former YU countries from 1953 (Ljubljana);
  • From 1974, after connection with UCPTE (Union for the Coordination of Production and Transmission of Electricity in continental Europe), first regional cooperation Austria, Italy and Yugoslavia;
  • From 1993 expanded regional cooperation: Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey;
  • CIGRE was involved in discussion on operation & development issues.

First discussion about needs for establishing new CIGRE regional council in Europe

During the CIGRE Administrative Council meeting in 2005 in Bangalore.

Common regional interest and possible CIGRE activities:

  • Planning and development issues particularly large investments as undersea cables across the Adriatic Sea (linking Italy and Albania, Italy and Montenegro, Italy and Croatia, etc.);
  • Modernization of network, implementation of intelligent technologies in power systems;
  • South-eastern European electricity power exchange;
  • Building of regional power market;
  • New European energy orientation towards sustainable developments – regional issues;
  • Innovative forums in region.
First meeting in Slovenia 2009

Participating NC CIGRE representatives from: Austria, B&H, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Slovenia.

Second meeting in Montenegro 2013

Participating NC CIGRE representatives from: B&H, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia and Ukraine. President Klaus FRÖHLICH and Secretary General Francois MESLIER were presented.

NC CIGRE of Ukraine decided to join South East European region of CIGRE as full member.

Potential benefits of new Regional CIGRE Council
  • Increasing CIGRE cooperation and image of organization;
  • Dissemination of knowledge of power systems development and operation in region;
  • Support in building up the market of electricity and technology development in line with new electricity evolution / security of supply, sustainability, affordability;
  • Exchanging the information of products, methods and practice between systems in region (CIGRE is more than already existing institutions bringing together: Supply Industry + Academia /research+ Manufacturers);
  • Increasing participation at CIGRE events in region;
  • In parts of region due to the language similarities – easier communication links.
Agreement of setting up the regional Council SEERC
  • Decision: Memorandum of Understanding - May 13, 2013 in Montenegro;
  • Signed by nine NC CIGRE: Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Romania and Ukraine;
  • Confirmed by Administrative Council – Kazan, Russia, September 2013;
  • First elected chairman of SEERC Kresimir BAKIC from Slovenia
  • Start with operation in September 2013;
  • Statute, steering committee, Programming committee.
  • Chairmen of the NC CIGRE of Austria and Greece sent letter of support and further cooperation in the SEERC activities.
Working program for next 2 years
  • MoU / Statute / Rules of operation (confirmation);
  • Steering Committee of SEERC – Chairmen of the NC member states;
  • Programming Committee - Selection 2 persons per member states for each approved Conference at meetings.
  • First Regional Conference SEERC could be organizing in 2015.
  • The topics for the Conference will be selected by Programming Committee in coordination with Technical Committee of CIGRE.
  • SEERC will invite Turkey to join council after establishing NC of CIGRE.