Franz Besold from CIGRE and Study Committee B3 passed away

Franz Besold diapo


With the passing away of Franz we will strongly miss his expertise, motivation and valuable contributions to the work of the SC.

Our friend and colleague, Franz Besold passed away while swimming on March 21, 2013 in Baden Switzerland.  

The following contains some history of Franz and his career, particularly in relation to CIGRE and Study Committee B3.

Franz was born in Franconia, Germany.  He left Franconia in the 70’s to study engineering in Munich at TU München (Technical University) studying under Professor Hans Prince in High Voltage Engineering.  After graduating with a degree in engineering in 1975, he returned to Bamberg, Upper Franconia working for MET.  In 1979 he moved across the Rhine to Switzerland and the transducer department of BBC.
In 1984, he moved in the Sales Department for Air Insulated Switchgear and in 1988 moved to the sales department for surge diverters. After the merger of ASEA and BCC in 1995 he joined the air insulated circuit breaker group as Vice President of sales. When this position was relocated to Sweden in 2000, he accepted a position as Marketing and Communications Manager at the PTH until his retirement from ABB in December 2012.

Franz began his work in CIGRE during 1998, assisting with the preparation for the SC B3 meeting held in Switzerland in 1999.  This experience led him to join the SC B3 Customer Advisory Group especially for his expertise in Communications initially acting as Secretary of the CAG and later as Secretary of the Strategic Advisory Group.  In 2005 the first Tutorial Advisory Group was formed with Franz as the first Convenor.  He took over the Chairmanship of SC B3 in November 2008.

Throughout his career in CIGRE he was always very active. He was influential in the development of many new ideas and approaches. His attitude and his helpful assistance as well his character were very much appreciated within the CIGRE community.  He was respected as polite and always supportive, calm and never loud or aggressive.  He tried all the time to find continuing compromises to solving problems.  He was well supported in his CIGRE activities by his wife, Lydia.

Very generous to friends, colleagues and to the society, he was a real expert in the field of substations, for he followed this development for almost 40 years. His knowledge and experience was respected internationally both within and outside of ABB and CIGRE.

We will remember him as an excellent Study Committee Chairman, a great CIGRE colleague and an amiable person. After so many years it is difficult to accept that he will no longer be with us. With the passing away of Franz we will strongly miss his expertise, motivation and valuable contributions to the work of the SC.

On behalf of SC B3,

Terry Krieg
Chairman of Study Committee B3, 25 March 2013