e-Mobility: the Electric Vehicles in Romania

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First achievements on e-Mobility in Romania made by the RNC CIGRE


The passion for electric vehicles was born in the Romanian National Committee of “CIGRE” in the summer of 2010 from the ideas of the Chairman, Mr. Ciprian Diaconu, and the energy of a young member, Mihai Marcolt.

The project was entitled “Electric Vehicles in Romania” (e-Mobility) and had three main development axes:

  1. The elaboration of a strategy for electric vehicles in Romania;
  2. Designing, building and installation of the first electric vehicles charging station in Romania;
  3. Buying the first electric vehicle in Romania.

We accomplished all our main goals with great success.

The first step (the strategy) was realized on November 2010, and the next two steps were finalized in June 2011 with a great impact in the Romanian mass-media, demonstrating that with concentrated efforts from Romanian engineers great things can be accomplished.

Picture no. 1 – first charging station for EVs and the first EV in Romania (Mr. Ciprian Diaconu together with local and central authorities and private companies representatives)

Picture no. 2 – first charging station for EVs and the first EV in Romania

Picture no. 3 – first EV in Romania

Picture no. 4 – first charging station for EVs in Romania

Picture no. 5 – first EV in Romania

Picture no. 6 – receiving the prize for the e-Mobility project

P.S. A little glimpse at history!

This is the first electric car built in Roumania, in 1910! Even if the technology has improved since then, isn’t it cute?

Automobil Electric NAG - 1910

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