Research studies carried out by CIGRE Study Committees are published as technical documents and can be accessed from our online library, e-cigre, one of the most comprehensive accessible databases of relevant technical works on power engineering.

CIGRE History Book

CIGRE, the International Council on Large Electric Systems, celebrated its ninetieth anniversary in 2011.  Since its creation in November 1921 CIGRE has successfully promoted the development and exchange of technical information on electric power systems in a spirit of cooperation, impartiality and service.  This book, by bringing back to life the ninety year history of CIGRE and highlighting its interactions with the international development of electric power systems, confirms the important role that CIGRE has played and intends to continue to play in this key field of human endeavour.

CIGRE History Book




CIGRE’s mission is to produce and disseminate technical information. 

This is achieved through:

  • Technical conferences, Sessions, Symposia, Colloquia, where papers are published and discussed
  • Study Committee work and production of Technical Brochures and other documents
  • Electra, CIGRE's bimonthly magazine
papers / proceeding

Papers / proceedings

  • Papers and Proceedings of events (Session and Symposia)
invited papers

Invited papers

Invited Papers are papers of more general technical interest which address a wider readership of ELECTRA. 
This Section is open to all contributors who would like to share with all players in the area of electrical power information about significant events or innovation in the area of electricity, in their country.

TC Position Papers

Under construction

Scientific papers

Scientific papers

Section open to authors in Academic circles, in Universities, Companies and Research Institutes who would like to share with all players in the area of electrical power information about significant events or innovation in the area of electricity, in your country.  

The papers should be in Word and no longer than 3000 words.  No template is available as the article will be edited for Electra by CIGRE.  


Technical brochures

Technical Brochures

The results of the work of CIGRE Study Committees, new Technical Brochures are presented in the Electra journal through an Executive Summary, which presents the purpose of the work, its main results and the foreseen applications.

You may download the Specifications for producing Technical Brochures and the corresponding Electra articles.

CIGRE reserves the right to refuse or return Technical Brochures which do not conform to these specifications.

PCT two-letter country codes to be used in the TBs:

CIGRE Copyright General Conditions

Electra Annual Reports

Each Study Committee is required to produce an Annual Report.

This report should relate the major events of the preceding year, the forthcoming events, the publications, TB and other, any innovations in the domaine of work of the SC. 

Here you will find the 2013 Annual Reports (4 missing).