Technical activities

The Technical Activities of CIGRE consist in organizing technical events and carrying out studies, by means of the Study Committees (SCs).

These SCs are permanent structures of CIGRE, governed by precise operative rules, and each active in a specific technical domain; coordination of the actions of the SCs is the mission of the Technical Council (TC) whose Chairman reports to the Administrative Council.
The SCs are responsible for determining the technical questions which call for studies and managing the corresponding work. The choice of the subjects is made in line with the strategic objectives of CIGRE, expressed in the Strategic Plan of the TC; it may also proceed of issues raised by CIGRE stakeholders, National Committees, Standardization Bodies...
To carry out their activities, the SCs rely on Advisory Groups (AGs), and Working Groups (WGs), which perform the studies, in accordance with the Terms of Reference (ToRs) previously approved by the TC Chairman.
Today there are more than 250 active WGs in CIGRE, bringing together some 3500 international Experts.


Study Committees / Working Groups

Planning of Study Committee meetings during the Paris Session in August 2016


  • The role and operation of the Study Committees; information specific to each Study Committee is given in their specific website

Activities Outline

Strategic Plans


  • Rules and Guidelines which govern Study Committees technical activities

Technical Council

The historical list of Technical Council members :

For more information regarding the Technical Council, please contact its Secretary, Yves Maugain