Study Committees / Working Groups

  • The scope of the 16 Study Committees and the list of all active Working Groups
  • Each Study Committee cover a specific technical domain dealing with Power Systems

Planning of Study Committee meetings during the Paris Session in August 2016

SC A1 Rotating Electrical Machines

  • Life management
  • Machine monitoring and diagnosis
  • Renewable generation(...)

SC A2 Transformers

  • Design and manufacture
  • Application of material
  • Utilization, e.g. main(...)
Transmission Line arrestor

SC A3 High Voltage Equipment

  • Design and development
  • New and improved test techniques
  • Maintenance, (...)

SC B1 Insulated Cables

  • Power cables in all phases of life
  • Submarine, underground, ducts, tunnels
  • (...)

SC B2 Overhead Lines

  • Increase Acceptability of OHL
  • Increase Capacities of existing OHL
  • Inc(...)

SC B3 Substations

  • New substation concepts
  • Substation management issues
  • Life cycle manag(...)

SC B4 HVDC and Power Electronics

  • Responsible for HVDC systems and Power Electronics for AC systems
  • Its members a(...)

SC B5 Protection and Automation

  • Improved concepts of Substation Automation Systems
  • Technical recommendations fo(...)

SC C1 System Development and Economics

  • Planning for rapid development, uncertain generation and desired reliability (newly and r(...)

SC C2 System Operation and Control

  • Control and switching for reliability: voltage,frequency and capacity limits
  • Re(...)

SC C3 System Environmental Performance

  • Environmental impacts of Power System development and operation;
  • Global environ(...)
SC C4 Study Field

SC C4 System Technical Performance

  • Power Quality
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Interference (E(...)

SC C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation

  • Consequences of regulatory changes for the electric power sector
  • Regulatory inc(...)

SC C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation

  • Dispersed Energy Resources connection and integration
  • Dispersed Energy Resourc(...)

SC D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques

  • Electrical insulating materials
  • Electrical conducting materials
  • High (...)

SC D2 Information Systems and Telecommunication

  • ICT applied to the networks of the future.
  • Telecommunication networks in Electr(...)