Study Committees / Working Groups

SC A1 Rotating Electrical Machines

  • Life management
  • Machine monitoring and diagnosis
  • Renewable generation(...)

SC A2 Power Transformers and Reactors

  • Design and manufacture
  • Application of material
  • Utilization, e.g. main(...)
Transmission Line arrestor

SC A3 Transmission & Distribution Equipment

  • Design and development
  • New and improved test techniques
  • Maintenance, (...)

SC B1 Insulated Cables

  • Power cables in all phases of life
  • Submarine, underground, ducts, tunnels
  • (...)

SC B2 Overhead Lines

  • Increase Acceptability of OHL
  • Increase Capacities of existing OHL
  • Inc(...)

SC B3 Substations & Electrical Installations

  • New substation concepts
  • Substation management issues
  • Life cycle manag(...)

SC B4 DC Systems & Power Electronics

  • Responsible for HVDC systems and Power Electronics for AC systems
  • Its members a(...)

SC B5 Protection and Automation

  • Improved concepts of Substation Automation Systems
  • Technical recommendations fo(...)

SC C1 Power System Development and Economics

  • Planning for rapid development, uncertain generation and desired reliability (newly and r(...)

SC C2 Power System Operation & Control

  • Control and switching for reliability: voltage,frequency and capacity limits
  • Re(...)

SC C3 Power System Environmental Performance

  • Environmental impacts of Power System development and operation;
  • Global environ(...)
SC C4 Study Field

SC C4 Power System Technical Performance

  • Power Quality
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Interference (E(...)

SC C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation

The scope of Study Committee C5 is to analyze market approaches and solutions and their impact on(...)

SC C6 Active Distribution Systems & Distributed Energy Resources

  • Dispersed Energy Resources connection and integration
  • Dispersed Energy Resourc(...)

SC D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques

  • Electrical insulating materials
  • Electrical conducting materials
  • High (...)

SC D2 Information Systems and Telecommunication

  • ICT applied to digital networks from UHV to distribution (smart meter, IoT, big data, EMS(...)