SC B2 Overhead Lines


  • Increase Acceptability of OHL
  • Increase Capacities of existing OHL
  • Increase Reliability and Availability of OHL
To get an overview about the recent and current activities of SC B2 please have a look at the Annual Report 2015
B2 has issued a "Green Book" which presents the state of the art of contemporary Overhead Line Business. It was presented at the Session Paris 2014 and can be ordered at the Cigre Homepage.
SC B2 at ELECRAMA Fair in Bangalore, India

B2 contributed to the two day Cigre-Tutorial in Bangalore Feb 2016. General Information about the SC was given and a tutorial about Alternative Tower Design. For more Information about the Cigre ELECRAME days please have look at the enclosure.




SC B2 session in Paris 2016 

Study Committee B2 "Overhead Lines" has it´s  session on Wednesday 24th August from 8:45h to 18:00h at the Grand Amphitheatre. All registered delegates have admittance and are warmly welcomed to attend.

SC B2 will hold two tutorials on Monday 22nd August form 14:30h to 16:00 

    Part 1 -Guide to overall line design (AC & DC).

    Part 2 -Guide to the conversion of existing AC lines to DC Operation.

additional space for tutorials


For the first time, tutorials have been implemented in the Paris Session.

Due to the success of this initiative we had to close the registrations for tutorials because of overbooking.

We recently managed to obtain a larger space so we are now able to offer additional registrations.

If you have not registered to a tutorial yet, and if you want to register to one or two of the six proposed tutorials, then you can do it through this link:

Please complete the formbefore 15 August 2016.

In case of overbooking, the principle of first come, first served will be applied.

If necessary, we will also have a waiting list for each tutorial.

If your demand cannot be satisfied you will be informed in due time.


With best regards,

Vicky Weiss

CIGRE Registrations

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