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September 2017

Words from the President

Robert STEPHEN - CIGRE President

The next Administrative Council meeting will be held on the 12 and 13 September.  At this meeting the strategy of CIGRE will be presented for the Council to approve.  The strategy will include specific actions relating to the inclusion of Distribution experts into the existing Study Committee structure as well as the marketing strategy.  With regard to the latter the aim is to provide National Committees with adequate, easy to use, low cost tools to present to industry what CIGRE is about, how to join, structure, documents, conferences and so on.  It is also hoped that a webpage will be available for National Committees to tailor for their needs.  This will provide for standardized low cost tools that each National Committee can adjust to their need and language.  It will also serve to standardize the CIGRE message across National Committees. Feedback from this meeting will be provided in the next newsletter.

The new e-CIGRE is now available and is working. Papers are also searchable on search engines such as Google. I have personally tried to source CIGRE documents via Google and found that if one types for example “thermal rating of overhead lines CIGRE” it will return references to brochures and Electra articles on the topic.  At this stage if the word CIGRE is omitted it may not return CIGRE documents.  It is hoped this will change as these documents are frequently searched for.  If a referenced brochure is over three years, simply clicking on the link will download the brochure.  This should make searching for documents more successful for members.

CIGRE is actively getting involved in areas with little or no CIGRE membership or presence, this includes mainly countries in Africa at present.  Memorandum of understanding are being considered at present with AFSEC, the African Standards authority and APUA the utility organization in Africa.  Cooperation with the African Development Bank is also being explored.  This aims to share the technical information and knowledge present in CIGRE with African Nations who seriously lack access to such information.  It is hoped this will enable skills growth in Africa as well as enable supply of electricity those without.  This will greatly assist in the provision of clean energy and provide the catalyst for growth in these areas.  The potential of CIGRE to change the world for the better is enormous and should not be under estimated.

It has been brought to our attention that many members do not know about or receive this newsletter.  Please ask members to register for the newsletter if this is the case. If you are a collective member representative, please circulate widely within your organization.

Thank you all for your continued support and passion for the work of CIGRE. I have always found CIGRE work to be mutually beneficial. The brochures produced are also long lasting and are often valid many years after production.

Robert STEPHEN - CIGRE President

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