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January 2018

Words from the President

Robert STEPHEN - CIGRE President

At the end of my first year as President of CIGRE, I am continually amazed at the dedication and willingness of Cigreans to perform work for CIGRE on a volunteer basis.  The production of over 40 brochures per annum as well as articles for Electra and CIGRE Science and Engineering is proof of the excellent work performed by volunteers.  This dedication is also present in the Steering Committee and Administrative Council who have tirelessly worked this year on the strategy and marketing plans.

These volunteers get support from a well-run Central Office managed by the Secretary General who has been involved in CIGRE for over 30 years in various senior positions.

I would like to thank all those involved in the work of CIGRE in 2017 and hope that the work resulted in positive benefits for them and their companies.

With regard to the Strategic Development Plan, which has been completed and distributed to National Committees, the purpose, mission and vision of CIGRE has been finalised.  The “Purpose” of CIGRE was added as the question as to “what is CIGRE” and why it exists, is often asked.  The “Purpose” (why we exist) is defined as “To foster engagement and knowledge sharing among power system professionals globally to enable sustainable provision of electricity for all”.

The Mission has been refined and shortened to enable translation into different languages.  The Mission (what we do) is “we contribute to the betterment of power systems by enhancing the expertise of the people within it”.

The Vision (or where we aspire to be) has been simplified to “To be universally recognised as the leading global organisation for all aspects of electric power systems”.

This strategic development plan is supported by a marketing plan aiming to standardise and modernise the CIGRE brand.  It is also aimed at supporting the National Committees by providing marketing material, websites, and other media platforms for their use.  This should reduce the cost of these activities in the National Committees.

2018 is set to be an exciting year for CIGRE culminating in the Paris Session during the last week of August.  An excellent internationally renowned speaker will be addressing the opening session in Paris with an address covering business models for the industry. This is very relevant at present with the many different players entering the electric power generation and delivery industry.

The Session will also host a CEO event aimed at exposing current CEO’s to the work of CIGRE.  It is hoped that this will enable a better understanding of the Session and the workings of CIGRE among CEO’s who can make a more informed decision relating to CIGRE participation and staff.

I would like to wish you all a very successful 2018 and hope to see you at a CIGRE function in the near future.

Robert STEPHEN - CIGRE President

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CIGRE Session 2018 General Programme

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