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March 2018

Words from the President

Robert STEPHEN - CIGRE President

Dear fellow Cigreans,

Even though we have had a lengthy break in the Southern hemisphere due to summer holidays and the festive season, I must commend the Steering Committee and Administrative Council for continuing to work wherever necessary over this period.  Since the last newsletter, we have undertaken the following actions:

  • The brand of CIGRE, which included a slight evolution of the logo to suit modern digital platforms, has been agreed to and finalized. This will be unveiled at the Paris Session in August.
  • Brand material for each National Committee is in the process of being completed and will be shared at the Paris Session.  This will enable each National Committee to tailor make his material within the agreed standardized parameters of the brand material.  Presentations, websites, banners, videos, the view of CIGRE on different platforms and other material will be available to the National Committees. This should release resources within the National Committee to focus on the important task of disseminating information rather than to develop templates, websites etc themselves. Of course those with existing websites can continue to use them with the new branding.
  • With the move to a digital world, CIGRE is looking to revamp the flagship magazine, Electra and investigations into this activity will continue this year for possible implementation in 2019. Electra is the core magazine of CIGRE and we need to ensure it maintains the status of being the window to the activities of CIGRE. We are hoping to increase the number of interesting articles in Electra for members.
  • The National Committees have also been very active in providing photographs and videos of the “real” CIGRE work which will be used in the brand materials. A great thank you to the National Committees for all the effort.
  • The Study Committee membership has been expanded to include up to 6 specialists in the medium and low voltage technology areas. The final decision on the actual members will be concluded in May.  It is hoped this will realise work in all areas of power distribution (end to end). Again a great thank you to those involved in submitting the names of the new experts.

The role of CIGRE in the development of the electrical grid as well as supply of electrical energy in whatever form cannot be underestimated.  The modus operandi of CIGRE to share knowledge to the benefit of all ensures that problems are resolved rapidly at low cost with maximum efficiency.  Companies do not always realise the benefit of sharing information with others as they feel that they may be giving away competitive advantage.  In my experience by sharing knowledge you tend to gain far more as you can test your ideas and theories which enables further optimization. 

As CIGRE is often thought of as “the best kept secret”, I have written an article for publication in the next Electra on the benefits of CIGRE.  This includes incredible case studies from members who can clearly demonstrate how CIGRE benefitted their organization and industry.  It is hoped this can be used to explain to non Cigreans the benefit of our great organization.

Thank you.

Robert STEPHEN - CIGRE President

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