• AORC Constitution Amendment
  • CIGRE Working Groups – Update
  • CIGRE Session 45
  • CIGRE Green Books
  • Network of the Future
  • CEATI: Design & Asset Management Workshop

AORC Constitution Amendment

The new amended Constitution of the Asia-Oceania Regional Council enables AORC to accept Observer Members.

CIGRE Working Groups – Update

Here are the last Working Groups that have been created

CIGRE Session 45

Thank you for making the 2014 CIGRE Session a great success! We had over 8500 attendees and over 3 floors of exhibitor space, breaking the records set by previous Sessions. We hope to see you at CIGRE 2016 (21-26 August)

CIGRE Green Books

The first two books of the series, Overhead Lines (Study Committee B2) and Accessories for Extruded HV Cables (Study Committee B1) are available. For more information, please contact

Network of the Future

The Technical Committee of CIGRE has decided to update the CIGRE White Paper “Network of the Future”

CEATI: Design & Asset Management Workshop

Transmission Lines for the 21st Century: Design & Asset Management Workshop

National committees

CIGRE Central Office which is based in Paris France, counts 58 National Committees to enhance its relationship and get closer to its Members. CIGRE National Committees offer to its Members direct access to services and supports. CIGRE counts more than 14 000 equivalent Members composed of researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, suppliers, and other decision makers, in over 90 countries.

Find a National Committee

Study Committees

More than 3,500 experts from across the globe actively collaborate in structured work programmes with CIGRE. There efforts are coordinated by 16 Study Committees which are overseen by a Technical Committee. Research efforts are anchored to four interlinked objectives : designing and deploying the power system of the future, optimizing existing equipment and power systems, respecting the environment, and offering access to information to international key players in the electrical power systems' industry.
The 16 topics covered are available hereunder.