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CIGRE active Working Groups

11 February 2019

The list of all the active Working Groups can be downloaded here.


CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2019

  • TOR-WG B4.81_Interaction between nearby VSC-HVDC converters, FACTs devices, HV power electronic devices and conventional AC equipment
  • TOR-JWG A1_C4.66_Guide on the Assessment, Specification and Design of Synchronous Condensers for Power Systems with Predominance of Low or Zero Inertia Generators
  • TOR-WG D1.74 _Partial discharge measurement on insulation systems stressed from HV power electronics
  • TOR-WG B2.73_Guide for Prevention of Vegetation Fires Caused by Overhead Line Systems
  • TOR WG B1.65_Installation of submarine cables
  • TOR-WG B1.68_Condition evaluation and lifetime strategy of HV cable systems
  • TOR-WG C4.55_EMC related very-fast transients in gas-insulated substations—EMC interferences, measured characteristics, modelling and simulations


CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2018

  • TOR-WG B3.57_Impact on Engineering and Lifetime Management of Outdoor HV GIS
  • TOR-WG B2.71_Recommendations for Interphase Spacers of Overhead Lines
  • TOR-WG B1.67_Loading Patterns on Windfarm Array and Export Cables
  • TOR-JWG C1_C6.42_Planning tools and methods for systems facing high levels of distributed energy resources
  • TOR-WG B5.69_Experience gained and Recommendations for Implementation of Process Bus in Protection, Automation and Control Systems
  • TOR-WG B5.70_Reliability of Protection Automation and Control System of power systems – Evaluation Methods and Comparison of Architect
  • TOR-WG B1.71_Guidelines for Safety Risk Management in Cable Systems
  • TOR-JWG C5_C6.29_ New Electricity Markets, Local Energy Communities
  • TOR-JWG C4_A3.53_Application Effects of Low-Residual-Voltage Surge Arresters in Suppressing Overvoltages in UHV AC Systems
  • TOR-WG C5.30_The Role of Block Chain Technologies in Power Markets
  • TOR-WG A2.63_Transformer impulse testing
  • TOR-JWG B1_C4.69_Recommendations for the insulation coordination on AC cable systems
  • TOR-JWG B4_A3.80_HVDC Circuit Breakers - Technical Requirements, Stresses and Testing Methods to investigate the interaction with the system
  • TOR-WG C4.54_Protection of high voltage power network control electronics from the High-altitude Electromagnetic pulse (HEMP)
  • TOR-JWG C4_B4.52_Guidelines for Sub-synchronous Oscillation Studies in Power Electronics Dominated Power Systems
  • TOR-JWG A3.43_Tools for lifecycle management of T&D switchgear based on data from condition monitoring systems
  • TOR-WG A2.62_Analysis of AC Transformer Reliability
  • TOR-WG B5.68_Optimisation of the IEC 61850 Protection, Automation and Control Systems (PACS) engineering process and tools
  • TOR-WG A2.61_On-load tap-changer best practices
  • TOR-WG A2.60_Dynamic Thermal Behaviour of Power Transformers
  • TOR-WG C1.41_Closing the gap in understanding between stakeholders and electrical energy specialists
  • TOR-WG C5.28_Energy Price Formation in Wholesale Electricity Markets
  • TOR-WG C4.51_Connection of Railway Traction Systems to Power Networks
  • TOR-JWG D2_C2.48_Enhanced Information and Data Exchange to Enable Future Transmission and Distribution Interoperability
  • TOR-WG C3.20_Sustainable Development Goals in the Electric Power Sector
  • TOR-WG B3.56_Application of 3D Technologies in Substation Engineering Works
  • TOR-WG B3.55_Design guidelines for substations connecting battery energy storage solutions (BESS)
  • TOR-WG B3.54_Earthing System Testing Methods - historic approaches, recent developments and recommended approaches
  • TOR-WG B3.52_Neutral Grounding Method Selection and Fault Handling for Substations in the Distribution Grid
  • TOR-WG A1.64_Guide for Evaluating the Repair-Replacement of Standard Efficiency Motors
  • TOR-WG B3.53_Guidelines for Fire Risk Management in Substations
  • TOR-JWG C6_C1.33_Multi-energy system interactions in distribution grids
  • TOR-JWG C6_C2.34_Flexibility provision from distributed energy resources
  • TOR-WG A1.65_Guide to optimal management of coal generation in presence of significant inverter based resources
  • TOR-WG B4.79_Hybrid LCC-VSC HVDC Systems
  • TOR-WG C6.39_Distribution customer empowerment
  • TOR-WG C6.38_Rural Electrification
  • TOR-JWG C6_B4.37_Medium Voltage DC distribution systems
  • TOR-WG C6.35_Distributed energy resources aggregation platforms for the provision of flexibility services
  • TOR-JWG C2_C4.41_Impact of high penetration of inverter-based generation on system inertia of networks
  • TOR-JWG D2_C6.47 Advanced Consumer-Side Energy-Resource Management Systems (pdf, 151kB)
  • TOR-WG C2.40 TSO-DSO Co-Operation – Control Centre Tools Requirements (pdf, 196kB)
  • TOR-WG C2.25 Operating Strategies and Preparedness for System Operational Resilience (pdf, 239kB)
  • TOR-WG A1.63 Turbo Generator Stator Winding Bushings and Lead Connections – Field Experience, Failures and Design Improvements (pdf, 263kB)
  • TOR-WG C3.09 Sustainable corridor management (pdf, 456kB)
  • TOR-WG A1.62 Thrust Bearings for Hydropower - A Survey of Known Problems and Root Causes (pdf, 225kB)
  • TOR-WG D1.72 Test of material resistance against surface arcing under DC (pdf, 75kB)
  • TOR JWG B5 D2.67 Time in Communication Networks, Protection and Control Applications (pdf, 508kB)
  • TOR WG B5.65 Enhancing Protection System Performance by Optimising the Response (pdf, 453kB)
  • TOR-WG B3.51 Service continuity guide for the maintenance, repair and extension of HV GIS (pdf, 73kB)
  • TOR-WG C2.39 Operator Training in Electricity Grids at Different Control Levels and for Different ParticipantsActors in the New Environment (pdf, 154kB)
  • TOR WG A3.42 Failure analysis of recent AIS instrument transformer incidents (pdf, 209kB)
  • TOR-WG C4.50 Evaluation of Transient Performance of Grounding Systems in Substations & Its Impact on Primary & Secondary Systems (pdf, 138kB)
  • TOR-WG C4.49 Multi-frequency stability of converter-based modern power systems (pdf, 145kB)
  • TOR-WG A3.41 Interrupting and switching performance with SF6 free switching equipment (pdf, 166kB)
  • TOR-WG B1.66 Recommendations for testing DC Lapped Cable Systems for power transmission at rated voltages up to 800kV (pdf, 136kB)
  • TOR-WG A3.40 Technical requirements and field experiences with MV DC switching equipment (pdf, 137kB)
  • TOR-WG B2.70 Aircraft warning markers and bird flight diverters for Overhead Lines – Experience and recommendations (pdf, 139kB)
  • TOR-WG D2.46 Cybersecurity future threats and impact on Electric Power Utility (pdf, 441kB)
  • TOR-WG B1.62 Recommendations for testing DC extruded cable systems at a rated voltage up to 800 kV (pdf, 140kB)
  • TOR-WG C3.19 Responsible management of the Electric and Magnetic Field Issue (pdf, 138kB)
  • TOR-WG B1.64 Evaluation of Losses in Armoured Three Core Power Cables (pdf, 75kB)
  • TOR-JWG C2 C5.05 Development and Changes in the Business of System Operators-updated 230118 (pdf, 35kB)
  • TOR-WG B1.63 Recommendations for mechanical testing of submarine cables for dynamic applications (pdf, 82kB)



CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2017

  • TOR-WG D2.45 Impact of governance regulations and constraints on EPU sensitive data distribution and location of data storage (pdf, 131kB)
  • TOR-WG D1.73 Nanostructured dielectrics Multi-functionality at the service of the electric power industry (pdf, 133kB)
  • TOR-WG C2.24 Mitigating the risk of fire starts and the consequences of fires near overhead lines for System Operations (pdf, 151kB)
  • TOR-WG B4.78 Cyber Asset Management for HVDC-FACTS Systems (pdf, 76kB)
  • TOR-WG B5.66 Cyber Security requirements for PACS and the Resilience of PAC Architectures (pdf, 134kB)
  • TOR-WG B3.50 Concepts for on-site HV testing of GIS after installation, extension, retrofit or repair (pdf, 75kB)
  • TOR-WG B2.69 Coatings for Power Network Equipment (pdf, 75kB)
  • TOR-WG C4.47 Power System Resilience (PSR WG) (pdf, 192kB)
  • TOR-WG C4.48 Overvoltage Withstand Characteristics of Power System Equipment 35-1200 kV (pdf, 154kB)
  • TOR-WG C4.46 Evaluation of Temporary Overvoltages in Power Systems due to Low Order Harmonic Resonances (pdf, 77kB)
  • TOR-WG C5.27 Market Design for Short-Term Flexibility (pdf, 149kB)
  • TOR-WG C3.18 Eco-friendly approaches in Transmission and Distribution (pdf, 150kB)
  • TOR-WG C5.26 Auction Markets and Other Procurement Mechanisms for Demand Response Services (pdf, 36kB)
  • TOR-WG D1.71 Understanding and mitigating corrosion (pdf, 35kB)
  • TOR-JWG C1 C6.37 CIRED Optimal transmission and distribution investment decisions under increasing energy scenario uncertainty (pdf, 162kB)
  • TOR-WG D2.42 Synchronization and time distribution in communication networks for time-sensitive distributed operational applications (pdf, 73kB)
  • TOR-WG B2.68 Sustainability of OHL conductors and fittings–Conductor condition assessment and life extension (pdf, 255kB)
  • TOR-WG A1.60 Guide on economic evaluation for refurbishment or replacement decisions on hydro generators (pdf, 190kB)
  • TOR-WG C3.17 Interactions between Wildlife and Emerging Renewable Energy Sources and associated Insulated Cables (pdf, 90kB)
  • TOR-WG A1.61 Survey of Partial Discharge Monitoring in Large Motors (pdf, 44kB)
  • TOR-WG B3.49 Review of substation busbar component reliability (pdf, 76kB)
  • TOR-WG B2.67_Assessment and Testing of Wood and Alternative Material Type Poles
  • TOR-WG C1.38 Valuation as a comprehensive approach to asset management in view of emerging developments (pdf, 156kB)
  • TOR-WG D2.44 Usage of Public or Private Wireless Communication Infrastructures for Monitoring and Maintenance of Grid Assets and Facilities (pdf, 133kB)
  • TOR-WG C1.40 Planning Coordination between Syst Op T&D-Frameworks, Methods, and Allocation of Costs and Benefits (pdf, 144kB)
  • TOR-WG C1.39 Optimal power system planning under growing uncertainty (pdf, 143kB)
  • TOR-WG B1.61 Installation of HV Cable Systems (pdf, 150kB)
  • TOR-WG A1.59 Survey on Industry Practices and Effects associated with the Cutting Out of Stator Coils in Hydrogenerators (pdf, 111kB)
  • TOR-JWG C2 B4.38 Capabilities and requirements definition for Power Electronics based technology for secure and efficient system operation and control (pdf, 156kB)
  • TOR-WG B1.60 Maintenance of HV Cable Systems (pdf, 148kB)
  • TOR-WG D1.69 Guidelines for test techniques of High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) systems (pdf, 141kB)
  • TOR-WG C4.45 Measuring techniques and characteristics of fast and very fast transient overvoltages in substations and converter stations (pdf, 131kB)
  • TOR-JWG C1 C4.36 Review of Large City & Metropolitan Area power system development trends taking into account new generation, grid and inform (pdf, 247kB)
  • TOR-WG A2.58 Installation and Pre-Commissioning of Transformers and Shunt Reactors (pdf, 44kB)
  • TOR-WG A2.59 On-Site Assembly, On-Site Rebuild, and On-Site High Voltage Testing of Power Transformers (pdf, 38kB)
  • TOR-WG A3.39 Application and field experience with Metal Oxide Surge Arresters (pdf, 151kB)
  • TOR-WG B1.58 Condition Assessment and Diagnostic Methods to support Asset Management of MV Cable Networks (pdf, 132kB)
  • TOR-WG D1.68 Natural and synthetic esters - Evaluation of the performance under fire and the impact on environment (pdf, 125kB)
  • TOR-WG C5.25 Regulation & Market design perspectives raised by new storage technologies (pdf, 181kB)
  • TOR-WG B5.64 Methods for Specification of Functional Requirements of Protection, Automation, and Control (pdf, 43kB)
  • TOR-WG B5.63 Protection, Automation and Control System Asset Management (pdf, 150kB)
  • TOR-WG B5.62 Life Cycle Testing of Synchrophasor Based Systems used for Protection, Monitoring and Control (pdf, 142kB)
  • TOR-WG B5.60 Protection, Automation and Control Architectures with Functionality Independent of Hardware (pdf, 209kB)
  • TOR-JWG B5-C4.61 Impact of Low Inertia Network on Protection and Control (pdf, 145kB)


CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2016

  • TOR-WG D2.43 Enabling software-defined networking for Electric Power Utilities’ telecom applications
  • TOR-WG C5.24 Exploring the Market-based value of Smart Grid developments
  • TOR-WG C5.23 Wholesale Market Price Caps
  • TOR-WG C5.22 The Management of Systemic Market Risk in Electricity Markets
  • TOR-WG D1.70 Functional properties of modern insulating liquids for transformers and similar electrical equipment
  • TOR-WG B3.48 Asset health indices for equipment in existing Substations-Rev1 (pdf, 127kB)
  • TOR-WG C4.44 EMC for Large Photovoltaic Systems
  • TOR-WG B4.76 DC-DC converters in HVDC Grids and for connections to HVDC systems
  • TOR-WG B4.75 Feasibility Study for assessment of lab losses measurement of VSC valves
  • TOR-WG B3.47 Application of Robotics in Substations
  • TOR-WG B4.74 Guide to Develop Real-Time Simulation Models (RTSM) for HVDC Operational Studies
  • TOR-WG C2.17 Wide Area Monitoring Systems – Support for Control Room Applications
  • TOR-WG B2.66 Safe handling and installation guide for high temperature low sag (HTLS) conductors
  • TOR-WG C4.28 Extrapolation of measured values of power frequency magnetic fields in the vicinity of power links
  • TOR-WG B3.46 Guidelines for Safe Work Methods in Substations
  • TOR-WG D1.66 Requirements for PDM for gas-insulated systems - approved
  • TOR-WG D1.67 Dielectric performance of non-SF6 gases for gas-insulated systems
  • TOR-WG B3.45 Application of non-SF6 gases or gas-mixtures in MV & HV gas-insulated switchgear
  • TOR WG A1.58 Selection of Copper Versus Aluminium Rotors for Induction Motors
  • TOR-WG C3.16 Interactions between Electrical Infrastructure and Wildlife
  • TOR-WG A3.38 Shunt Capacitor Switching in distribution and transmission systems-Verif by tests & perf in service
  • TOR-WG A2.57 Effects of DC Bias on power transformers
  • TOR-WG A1.57 The Visual Inspection of Stator Windings and Cores of Large Turbo Generators
  • TOR-WG A2.56 Power Transformer Efficiency
  • TOR-WG A2.55 Life Extension of oil filled Transformers and Shunt Reactors
  • TOR-WG C1.35 Global electricity network feasibility study
  • TOR-WG C4.43 Lightning problems and lightning risk management for nuclear power plants
  • TOR-WG B5.59 Requirements for Near-Process Intelligent Electronic Devices
  • TOR-WG B5.58 Faster protection and network automation systems implications and requirements
  • TOR-WG B5.57 New challenges for frequency protection
  • TOR-WG B1.57 Update of service experience of HV underground and submarine cable systems
  • TOR-WG B1.56 Cable rating verification
  • TOR-WG A1.56 Survey on Lap and Wave Windings and their Consequences on Maintenance and Performance
  • TOR-WG A1.55 Survey on Split Core Stators



CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2015

  • TOR-WG C3.15 Best environmental and socio-economic practices for improving public acceptance of high voltage substations
  • TOR WG D1.64 Electrical insulation systems at cryogenic temperatures
  • TOR WG D1.65 Mechanical properties of insulating materials and insulated conductors for oil insulated power transformers
  • TOR-JWG B4 B1 C4.73 Surge and extended overvoltage testing of HVDC Cable Systems
  • TOR-WG B1.54 Behaviour of cable systems under large disturbances
  • TOR-WG B4.72 DC grid benchmark models for system studies
  • TOR-WG C1-34 ISO Series 55000 Standards General Process Assessment Steps and Information Requirements for Utilities
  • TOR-JWG C2-C4.37 Recommendations for Systematic Framework Design of Power System Stability Control
  • TOR-WG A2.54 Power transformer audible sound requirements
  • TOR-WG A2.53 Objective interpretation methodology for the mechanical condition assessment of transformer windings using FRA
  • TOR-WG A1.54 Impact of Flexible Operation on Large Motors
  • TOR-WG B2.64 Inspection and Testing of Equipment and Training for Live-Line Work on Overhead Lines
  • TOR-WG B2.65 Detection, Prevention and Repair of Sub-surface Corrosion in Overhead Line Supports, Anchors and Foundations
  • TOR-JWG C6 D2.32 Utilization of data from smart meter system
  • TOR-WG C6.31 Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) Grid Feasibility Study
  • TOR-WG A1.53 Guide on Design Requirements of Motors for Variable Speed Drive Application
  • TOR-WG B2.62 Design of Compact HVDC Overhead Lines
  • TOR-WG B2.63 Compact AC Transmission Lines
  • TOR-WG C1.33 Interface & Allocation Issues in multi-party andor cross-jurisdiction . power infrastructures projects
  • TOR-JWG A1 C4.52 Wind generators and frequency-active power control of power systems
  • TOR-WG D1.63 Partial discharge detection under DC stress
  • TOR-WG B2.61 Transmission Line Structures with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites
  • TOR-WG B3.44 Substation servicing and supervision using mobile devices and smart sensing
  • TOR-WG B2.60 Affordable Overhead Transmission Lines for Sub-Saharan Countries
  • TOR-JWG C4.42 CIRED Continuous assessment of low-order harmonic emissions from customer installations
  • TOR-JWG C4_B5.41_Challenges with series compensation application in power systems when overcompensating lines
  • TOR-WG B4.71 Application guide for the insulation coordination of Voltage Source Converter HVDC (VSC HVDC) stations
  • TOR-WG B1.50 Sheath Voltage Limiters and Bonding Systems (Design, Testing, Operation and Monitoring)
  • TOR-WG B1.52 Fault Location on Land and Submarine Links (AC & DC)
  • TOR-WG A1.51 Monitoring, Reliability & Availability of Wind Generators
  • TOR-JWG D2-B2.39 Design, deployment and maintenance of Optical Cables associated to Overhead HV Transmission Lines
  • TOR-WG D2.40 Cyber risks and cyber security for the next generation of digital systems in EPUs
  • TOR-WG A1.50 Factory Quality Assurance Testing Requirements for Turbo-generator Components
  • TOR-WG B5.55 Application of Travelling Wave Technology for Protection and Automation
  • TOR-WG B5.56 Optimization of Protection Automation and Control Systems



CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2014

  • TOR-WG B3.42 Reliability analysis and design guidelines for LV ACDC Auxiliary Systems
  • TOR-WG C4.39 Effectiveness of line surge arresters for lightning protection of transmission OHL
  • TOR-JWG C4.40 CIRED Revisions to IEC Technical Reports 61000-3-X
  • TOR-WG A1.49 Magnetic core dimensioning limits in Hydro-Generators
  • TOR-WG A1.48 Guidance on the Requirements for High Speed Balancing Overspeed Testing of Turbine Generator Rotors Following Maintenance or Repair
  • TOR-WB B3.41 Mobile Substations Incorporating HV GIS – Design Aspects
  • TOR-WG D1.61 Corona Detection and Measurement
  • TOR-WG D1.60 Traceable measurement techniques for very fast transients
  • TOR-WG B4.69 Minimizing loss of transmitted power by VSC during overhead line fault
  • TOR-WG D1.62 Surface degradation of polymeric insulating materials
  • TOR-WG B4.70 Guide for EMT studies with VSC
  • TOR-WG A1.45 Guide for Determining the Health Index of Large Electric Motors
  • TOR-WG B4.68 DC harmonics and Filters
  • TOR-WG B4.66 Harmonics and filtering for HVDC in staggered installations
  • TOR-WG B4.67 Harmonic aspects of VSC HVDC and appropriate harmonic limits
  • TOR-WG A3.36 Application and Benchmark of Multi Physic Simulations and Engineering Tools for Temperature Rise Calculation
  • TOR-WG C4.37 Electromagnetic Computation Methods for Lightning Surge Studies with Emphasis on the FDTD Method
  • TOR-WG B2.58 Vibration Modeling of High Temperature Low Sag conductors –Self damping characterization
  • TOR-JWG C4-B4.38 Network Modelling for Harmonic Studies
  • TOR-WG C6.28 Hybrid Systems for off-grid power supply
  • TOR-WG B1.48 Trenchless technologies for Underground Cables
  • TOR-JWG B1-B3.49 Standard design of a common, dry type plug-in interface for GIS and power cables up to 145 kV
  • TOR-WG B2.59 Forecasting Dynamic Line Ratings
  • TOR-WG B1.45 Thermal monitoring of cable circuits and grid operators’ use of dynamic rating systems
  • TOR-WG B2.57 Survey of operational Composite Insulator Experience and Application Guide for Composite Insulators
  • TOR-WG B1.46 Conductor Connectors - Mechanical and Electrical Tests
  • TOR-WG B3.39 Impact of NCIT applications on HV Gas Insulated Switchgear
  • TOR-WG C3.14 Impact of Environmental liability on transmission and distribution activities
  • TOR-WG D1.58 Evaluation of dynamic hydrophobicity under AC and DC_Approved
  • TOR-WG C4.36 Winter Lightning – Parameters and Engineering Consequences for Wind Turbines
  • TOR-WG D1.59 Methods for dielectric characterisation of polymeric insulating materials for outdoor applications
  • TOR-JWG A2 C4.52 High-frequency transformer models for non standard waveforms
  • TOR-JWG A2 D1.51 Improvement to PD measurements for Factory and Site Acceptance Test
  • TOR-JWG D1 B3.57 Dielectric Testing of gas-insulated HVDC Systems
  • TOR-WG A1.43 State of the art of rotor temperature measurement
  • TOR-WG A1.44 Guideline on Testing of Turbo and Hydrogenerators
  • TOR-WG B5.53 Test Strategy for PAC on IEC61850
  • TOR-WG B5.54 Protection and Automation Issues of Islanded Systems



CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2013

  • TOR-WG B1.44 Guidelines for safe work on cable systems under induced voltages or currents
  • TOR-JWG B3-35 CIRED Substation earthing system design optimisation
  • TOR-JWG C4-C6 CIRED 35 Modelling and dynamic performance of inverter based generation
  • TOR-WG A3.35 Guidelines and Best Practices for the Commissioning and
  • TOR-WG B5.52 Analysis and comparison of fault location systems in Substation
  • TOR-WG C5.16 Costs of Electric Service Cost Allocation Methods and Residential Rate
  • TOR-WG A1.42 Influence of Key Requirements to Optimise the Value of Hydrogenerators
  • TOR-WG D1-56 Field grading in electrical insulation systems
  • TOR-WG C4.24 Power Quality and EMC Issues associated with future electricity
  • TOR-WG C4.33 Impact of Soil-Parameter Frequency Dependence on the Response of
  • TOR-WG B4.64 Impact of AC System Characteristics on the Performance
  • TOR-WG D1-54 Basic principles and practical methods to measure the AC and DC



CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2012 still active

  • TOR-WG C4.23 Guide to procedures for estimating the lightning performance of transmission lines
  • TOR-WG B1.38 After laying tests on AC and DC cable systems with new technologies
  • TOR-JWG_D1-B1.49 Harmonised test for the measurement of residual inflammable gases
  • TOR-WG D1.50 Atmospheric and altitude correction factors for air gaps and clean insulators
  • TOR-WG A2.49 Condition Assessment of Power Transformers
  • TOR-JWG C4.31 EMC between communication circuits and power systems
  • TOR-WG C4.32 Understanding of the geomagnetic storm environment for high voltage power grids
  • TOR-WG B5.50 IEC 61850 Based Substation Automation Systems – Users
  • TOR-WG B5.51 Requirements and Use of Remotely Accessed Information for SAS
  • TOR-WG A1.39 Application of dielectric dissipation factor measurements on new stator
  • TOR-WG C4.27 Benchmark of power quality performance
  • TOR-WG A1.37 Turbogenerator Stator Winding Support System Experience
  • TOR-WG C4.28 Extrapolation of measured values of power frequency magnetic fields in the vicinity of power links
  • TOR-WG B1.36 Life cycle assessment and environmental assessment of underground HV cable systems
  • TOR-WG B5-48 Protection for developing network with limited fault current capability of generation
  • TOR-WG B5-47 Network Protection Performance Audits
  • TOR-WG B2-55 Conductors for the Uprating of Existing Overhead Lines



CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2011 still active

  • TOR-WG A1.34 Testing Voltage of Doubly-Fed Asynchronous Generator-Motor Rotor Windings for Pumped Storage System
  • TOR-WG A1.33 Guide for the Proper Storage and Cleanliness of Turbogenerators
  • TOR-WG B1-34 Mechanical forces in large cross section cable systems
  • TOR-WG A3.31 Accuracy, Calibration & Interfacing of Instrument Transformers with Digital
  • TOR-JWG A2-D1 46 Field experience with transformer solid insulating ageing markers
  • TOR-JWG D1-A2-47. New frontiers of Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) interpretation for power transformers and their accessories
  • TOR-WG A2-45 Transformer failure investigation and post-mortem analysis
  • TOR-WG A1.31 State of the art of stator winding supports in slot area and winding overhang
  • TOR-WG B3-34 Expected impact of future grid concept on substation management



CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2010 still active

  • TOR-WG B2-50 Safe handling of fittings and conductors
  • TOR-JWG C3-B2-B1.13 Environmental issues of HV transmision lines for rural & urban areas
  • TOR-WG B2-45 Bushfire Characteristics and the Potential Impacts on OHL performances
  • TOR-WG C3-12 Methodologies for Greenhouse gas inventory and reporting for T&D utilities
  • TOR-WG A3.30 Impact of overstressing of substation equipment
  • TOR-WG A2.43 Transformer bushings reliability (Um ? 72,5 kV)
  • TOR-WG B5-41 Investigation of possibilities to improve metering systems for billing purposes in substations
  • TOR-WG B2.24 Qualification of HV & UHV OHL supports under static and dynamic loads


CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2009 still active

  • TOR-WG B5-24 Protection Requirements on Transient Response of Voltage and Current Digital Acquisition Chain
  • TOR-WG C1-23 Transmission investment decision points and trees
  • TOR-WG C1-22 New investment decision processes required to deal with changing economic drivers


CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2008 still active

  • TOR-WG B2-40 Preparatory studies for revision of IEC standard
  • TOR-WG B1-28 On-site Partial Discharge Assessment of HV and EHV cable systems



CIGRE Working Groups approved in 2005 and 2006 still active

  • TOR-WG C3-01 Power frequency electric and magnetic fields and health

Welcome to the world of CIGRE


Welcome to the world of CIGRE

Introducing the authoritative source

CIGRE authoritative source of power system technical reference information


CIGRE active Working Groups

CIGRE active Working Groups

Terms of Reference of the active Working Groups


Thank you to those who attended the 2018 CIGRE Session and contributed to the success of this event.

Thank you to those who attended the 2018 CIGRE Session and contributed to the success of this event.
The 47th Paris Session was very successful, with a record number of 3,600 delegates among 9600 participants from 98 countries (3,120 delegates among 6800 participants in 2016).


CIGRE Session 2018 - Award Winners

CIGRE Session 2018 - Award Winners

The CIGRE Session 2018 was the opportunity for the community to honor some of its most active members in different areas and reward their contribution to the developement of CIGRE.


Inspire, Motivate and Empower Women Engineers

Inspire, Motivate and Empower Women Engineers
The 3rd CIGRE Women in Engineering (WIE) Forum was successfully held on 30th August 2018 in Paris, France. “Inspire, Motivate and Empower Women Engineers” was the theme of this year. The event was organised by the WIE Taskforce led by Ruomei LI from CSEE and the CIGRE Central Office.