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Solve all power system challenges in one unique place

The modern power system is transitioning into one complex and interrelated grid, with the lines between generation, transmission and distribution increasingly blurred.

With these changes today’s professionals need access to diverse perspectives that have a holistic view, and that offer the opportunity to share the full range of low through high voltage knowledge. One such association exists and it has the end to end scope and solutions you need.


The preeminent global technical community – CIGRE

CIGRE offers you the opportunity to access the full spectrum of power system knowledge, in one unique place. We have a world leading global community of thousands of professionals, developing technical material collaboratively on every conceivable subject, across all aspects of the power system.


Our doors and minds are open

So no matter who you are, or where you are from, If you, or your organisation want to get the technical edge, it's simple. join CIGRE, the foremost global community. Our doors, as our minds,  are open.


  • Perspectives and peers from every corner of the globe
  • Real world practical expertise
  • Low cost of entry


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