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eCIGRE, ELECTRA Digital Magazine, CSE, Session Website… Why sponsorship and advertising opportunities on CIGRE products are the biggest marketing and business assets in the power system field.


Sponsorships and advertising opportunities are a powerful way to build influence and get your message in front of stakeholders and decision makers.

As CIGRE is one of the largest power system communities in the world, the benefits from its network are a strong asset for companies specialised in the power system and energy sectors.

Developing e-products and platforms that allow institutions and companies to reach our global exclusive audience is considered an important part of how CIGRE keeps our supporters connected with the industry beyond the biennial Paris Session.

These e-products we call ‘Power Reach’ and they offer a variety of opportunities to help extend companies brand’s presence and generate a visibility within the power system industry. To help reinforce existing relationships, drive more traffic to the companies’ website and ultimately create more leads.

This kind of exposure is an important step to all companies that want to be considered as market leaders and shows commitment to a growing industry and the connection with expertise CIGRE offers.



CIGRE profile sees staggering growth !

Over recent year we have seen a rapid acceleration in CIGRE’s global profile. Some of the growth figures are quite staggering. For example in 2022 across CIGRE’s various websites we saw around a 60% growth in users with 468000 visits in the last 12 months. We estimate this equates to more than 200,000 professionals from around the world engaging with CIGRE’s unique technical content.

All of this is seeing CIGRE grow its membership with numbers now approaching 20000 and we our goal is 30000 by 2030 which may well come sooner.



Package Offers for 2024


Over the past years CIGRE has developed different digital platforms.



ELECTRA Digital Magazine



The bi-monthly digital signature of CIGRE and free of access to all CIGRE members in-depth technical and industry content, articles. It brings the latest news, expertise, and work from the world of CIGRE.

CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE)



CSE is a digital global magazine for the entire power delivery industry. Its high quality, rigorously
peer reviewed papers, spanning the entire end-to-end (E2E) power system, comprise a range of
academic and practical engineering topics with a particular focus on scientific content. Free access to members and non-members of CIGRE.




eCIGRE is the on-line library that sees up to 120 000 power system professionals and experts visiting and using the site each year. Users span power system, including 1200 major organisations featuring a large number of DSO & TSO system operators, equipment & technology providers, consultancies and what other companies are offering.

Website Session 2024



The Paris Session is the foremost global thought leadership congress for the power system, held every even numbered year. It is an in-depth interactive congress, attracting members of the international CIGRE community of professionals and world experts. With over 3600 registered delegates, 250+ companies and over 8000 industry people it is the leading global event for power system expertise.