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Participation opportunities


A CIGRE membership offers a wide and stimulating range of participation, problem solving and skill growth opportunities. Participation can involve formal positions within the global knowledge programme and access to a range of collaborative online tools used by the community.


Join a Working Group

Working Groups are the ‘engine room’ of CIGRE. Typically some 3700 members work across about 250 Working Groups, each contributing to one or more of the 16 domains of work, relative to how it applies locally. Joining a Working Group is a great peer to peer opportunity and can be an important step towards being elected by your peers to higher roles within the organisation.


To be eligible to join a Working Group normally requires that you are an individual or collective member. Indicating an interest in joining a Working Group is normally done online via the relevant NC website. If any difficulty in doing this is encountered then contacting the Central Office is advised.


Contribute to and attend a global, regional or local event

The Paris Session

The CIGRE Biennial Session is held in Paris, France in even number years. It is the number one global power system event in the world.



Symposia typically are two day events attracting 500 to 800 delegates. The next Symposium, titled ‘Going off shore’, will be held in Denmark in 2019. Registration can be done online by the host country’s NC, or for international delegates, by CIGRE’s Central Office.



Colloquia are one day, topic specific conferences organised normally by a Study Committee in connection with a host NC, attracting 100 to 150 delegates. Registration is managed by the host country’s NC.


Local events

NCs and Working Groups in specific countries also run local events such as conferences, workshops and tutorials focused on topics of local concern. Registration is handled by the local NC or Working Group(s).


Subscribe and contribute to CIGRE publications

CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE)

CSE is a journal published by CIGRE three times per year. Its main purpose is to serve readers in a wider, less technically oriented community, where detailed technical documents are too lengthy and ‘heavy going’ for non-technical readers. CSE is also open to and encourages articles from non-CIGRE members.



ELECTRA is the bimonthly journal of CIGRE. ELECTRA focuses mainly on CIGRE papers, events and governance reporting.


Become an NGN professional

In some countries young members (under 10 years career experience) can join their local 'Next Generation Network' or NGN. To the inexperienced engineer new to the power industry, the prestigious CIGRE organisation can appear complex and becoming involved requires some knowledge. The NGN's help give the next generation of professionals the guidance they need to get involved, be heard, and learn from the many experts within CIGRE.

Welcome to the world of CIGRE


Welcome to the world of CIGRE

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