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Creating local benefits


Creating benefits in local communities and organisations the world over


Around the world CIGRE’s unique global presence is creating many local benefits for power system organisations and the communities they serve.


From being prepared for the future and the breadth of changes occurring in the power system to learning from the diverse international experience of the community. CIGRE will help inform your decision making with real world, practical knowledge and access to authoritative, fact-based reference information.


CIGRE member organisations benefit from learnings, solutions and successes from every corner of the globe, all accessed in a context of a peer to peer community that can grow the skills of your organisation and connect you with the industry in a technical fact-based setting.


A CIGRE membership has the value to help you operate in an optimal way today and plan for the network of the future tomorrow.


For more on the value and authentic substance of a CIGRE membership you can watch a short video or download further materials here


Creating local benefits