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Knowledge Programme - overview


The world's foremost power system knowledge development programme


CIGRE operates the world’s foremost power system knowledge development programme of work. At its foundation is CIGRE’s unique structure and the wide spectrum of domains covered.



Knowledge Programme - overview

A strategic response to challenges

The CIGRE knowledge programme is driven by key strategic themes defined by the experts of the CIGRE leadership, with the input of the community. These are based around the key drivers affecting the industry and are updated as strategic changes occur.


16 Domains of work

Strategic themes are fed into 16 consistent domains of work, each led by a dedicated Study Committee. The domains are broadly grouped by four key global power system areas – equipment, technologies, systems, new materials and IT.


Working Groups and outcomes

At the heart of CIGRE’s programme is its community and 61 National Committees (NCs). These organisations nominate local professionals to participate across the knowledge programme, including in the 250+ Working Groups that collaborate and study specific areas within the 16 domains of work. Around 40 new Working Groups are formed every year to look at emerging challenges of the power system. All Working Groups ultimately produce

a comprehensive technical publication, referred to as a ‘Technical Brochure’, accessible to everyone.


A unique approach

CIGRE’s uniquely dispersed but centrally coordinated way of working offers an integrated knowledge programme that accounts for the global drivers changing the power system, while ensuring that these are connected with the NCs real world, local situations.


This unique global–local configuration means the outcomes of CIGRE work are both globally relevant at the same time as being highly beneficial at the local level.



At a glance




Knowledge Programme - overview

For more on CIGRE's unique structure and 16 domains download an info leaflet


Welcome to the world of CIGRE


Welcome to the world of CIGRE

Introducing the authoritative source

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