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CIGRE and the energy transition


CIGRE is a global not-for-profit community fostering technically neutral power system expertise. Over 100 years of history, CIGRE has grown its scope of work based on the needs of power systems professionals across the world. 


This has led to CIGRE being the go-to organisation for knowledge sharing and publications for the worldwide, end to end, electric power system.


Today, the challenge of accelerated energy transition with its key drivers of digitalisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation, is rapidly increasing the role of electric power systems in the daily life of societies, businesses and regulators worldwide. 


New and existing organisations across the globe are seeking out expertise around the interactions between ET technologies and the electric power system. CIGRE is helping these organisations find the knowledge they need to optimise those processes across all voltage levels.


Our work is ongoing in this crucial space as part of our commitment to help integrate renewables and energy consumer trends to deliver reliable, sustainable electricity for all. 




CIGRE’s work


To find the relevant work of CIGRE and resources available on the hot topics of energy transition, follow the links below. Each offers a summary of the pertinent study committees technical scope, working groups and publications.


Grids and
Sustainability and Climate
Solar PV
and Wind
Consumers, Prosumers and Electric Vehicles
Sector Integration



CIGRE’s Study Committees and the energy transition


The energy transition traverses many areas of CIGRE’s sixteen Study Committees and their domains of work. The relationship is bi-directional with the inputs from these key topics as well as outputs from the SCs in the form of working groups, publications and papers. This relationship is shown in the diagram below and the relevant content is linked above grouped by topic.