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Two Symposia are held in odd number years, in various countries where CIGRE is present. Symposia are coordinated by CIGRE’s Central Office, examining broad Reference Papers by international experts. They are normally based upon collaboration of 4 to 6 Study Committees.


Like the Paris Session, Symposia focus on specific subjects of topical interest. Papers are peer reviewed in advance by Study Committee international experts. Wrap up discussions are also held following presentations. However, Symposia are run more like an industry conference, with authors making 15 to 20 minute presentations of their papers to delegates.


Symposia typically are two day events attracting 500 to 800 delegates.

Kyoto Symposium 2022

On behalf of the Japanese National Committee, it is quite an honor for us to inform you that we are going to have the CIGRE 2022 Kyoto Symposium. - View More

Ljubljana Symposium 2021

Symposium of CIGRE in Slovenia celebrates 100 years of CIGRE and 40 years of Symposia. - View More

Chengdu Symposium 2019

CIGRE International Symposium Chengdu, China, September 20-25, 2019. Deadline of paper synopsis extended to 8th January 2019. - View More

Aalborg Symposium 2019

CIGRE International Symposium Aalborg, Denmark, June 4-7, 2019 - View More

Welcome to the world of CIGRE

Welcome to the world of CIGRE


Welcome to the world of CIGRE

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