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Kyoto Symposium 2022

Kyoto Symposium 2022

Regsistration to the Kyoto Symposium is now open.

Register here: http://cigrekyoto2022.jp/registration.html


On behalf of the Japanese National Committee, it is quite an honor for us to inform you that we are going to have the CIGRE 2022 Kyoto Symposium.


The symposium will be held in Kyoto International Conference Center(ICC Kyoto). The ICC Kyoto opened in 1966 as the first building to serve as a venue for international conferences promoted by the government of Japan. Since its opening, the center has accommodated more than 16,000 events with more than 10 million users as an international leader in convention centers.


Kyoto served as Japan's capital and the emperor's residence from 794 to 1868. Countless temples, shrines, and other historically priceless structures survive in the city today. It is one of the country's 10 largest cities with a population of 1.5 million people and a modern face.


The key theme of the symposium is power system transformation including active distribution. In this symposium, experts, scholars, and engineers who are engaged in the power system industry around the world will exchange ideas and knowledge about research and developments related to power system planning and operations, ICT, equipment, and regulations for power system transformation.


The symposium is organized and supported by seven CIGRE Study Committees:


  • SC C6 - Active distribution systems and distributed energy resources (Lead SC)
  • SC D2 - Information systems and telecommunication (Lead SC)
  • SC B3 - Substations and electrical installations
  • SC C1 - Power system development and economics
  • SC C2 - Power system operation and control
  • SC C4 - Power system technical performance
  • SC C5 - Electricity markets and regulation


Download the Call For Papers:

PDFPower System Transformation including Active Distribution


Symposium website:




Welcome to the world of CIGRE

Welcome to the world of CIGRE


Welcome to the world of CIGRE

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