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CIGRE active Working Groups Call for experts

13 avril 2021

There are approximatively 250 CIGRE Working Groups (WG) managed by the Study Committees. Every year between 40 and 50 WGs terminate their work by publishing a Report or a Technical Brochure, after the review and approval of their Study Committees. - Read More

Three driving forces that determine the future of green hydrogen application

12 mars 2021
Green hydrogen is presented at many occasions and in many ways as a 'silver bullet' solution for the integration of large scale intermitting renewable energy from wind and solar power into the energy system. It is in the end not to be expected that there will be technological blocking aspects for green hydrogen to play this ' silver bullet' role. From a technological perspective, however, there are still several and crucial aspect regarding production and transportation of green hydrogen that need to be further developed for a cost competitive application at market scale.Read More

DC and Power Electronics – key enablers of flexible, reliable, and economic future networks

12 mars 2021
Power electronics are the enabling technology of the modern power industry and have revolutionized the industry with developments in excitation systems, High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), Static var compensator (SVC), Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) and converter systems for coupling distributed generation to the grid.  Power electronic converter systems are also at the forefront in the development and deployment of battery energy storage systems which are a significant factor in the long-term development of power system with declining use of fossil fuelled synchronous generators.Read More

Setting up the New Zealand A2 power transformers and reactors panel

2 mars 2021

In New Zealand there has been a broad strategy to set up CIGRE panels. In January 2020 I moved from Queensland to New Zealand to take up my new role as the innovation project engineer at ETEL transformers. Seeking to continue my involvement with CIGRE, I approached the CIGRE NZ chair, Doug Ray, on how I could be involved. His response was, “We can have you act as convener for our NZ Panel A2 Transformers”. Since then I have been working to establish and grow this panel by engaging with volunteers and supporting organisations.Read More