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CIGRE active Working Groups Call for experts

24 mai 2024

There are approximatively 250 CIGRE Working Groups (WG) managed by the Study Committees. Every year between 40 and 50 WGs terminate their work by publishing a Report or a Technical Brochure, after the review and approval of their Study Committees. - Read More

Dealing with interactions in modern power electronics dominated power systems

30 avril 2024
We are experiencing a unique time in history whereby, driven by climate change, most governments have committed to reduce carbon emissions and many aim to reach Net Zero within the next couple of decades. Read More

Maturity in Cybersecurity - Should We Shoot for the Stars?

30 avril 2024

Study Committee D2 is going through an interesting era where the energy transition towards a low-carbon energy supply chain demands all players in the energy market to innovate and find new efficient solutions in information systems, strengthen their cybersecurity posture, and maintain and develop agile telecommunications infrastructure to exchange the ever-increasing amount of data between all parties.Read More

Evaluation of grid operational resilience stressed by energy transition and by climate change: new metrics (SIRI) and countermeasures

30 avril 2024

For the High Voltage (HV) electrical grid, concepts and applications related to resilience have become quite common, also at planning stage.  According to the definition reported by CIGRE WG C4.47, power system resilience is the ability to limit the extent, severity and duration of system degradation following an extreme event and it is achieved through a set of key actionable measures to be taken before, during and after extreme events. Read More