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The Role of Blockchain Technologies in Power Markets

31 août 2020

Blockchain technologies offer an exciting opportunity for balancing demand and supply in decentralized trading systems. Their rise has coincided with power systems becoming more decentralized and a world in which consumers can collectively control quite large energy sources. Blockchain technology helps the transition of Consumers to Prosumers and it also contributes to Demand Side Management as well.  It offers the opportunity for consumers to trade their power sources and their load effectively with the potential to reduce their energy costs. Read More

Using citizen science to address bird electrocutions on overhead distribution networks

31 août 2020

Overhead lines are widespread in South Africa’s rural areas, and are therefore also often home to vulnerable or threatened birds such as vultures and eagles. In addition to the moral and ethical imperatives of taking reasonable steps to prevent bird electrocutions, the legal requirements and cost of bird-related outages and repairs also need to be considered. This paper outlines an approach that was taken by Eskom, a South African utility, in addressing the design of new medium voltage (MV) distribution lines in vulnerable areas, including where old lines are refurbished or where individual poles are replaced.Read More

New technologies, materials and approaches for overhead lines

31 août 2020
Overhead Lines (OHL) play an important role in the electricity business. They are the oldest and – till today – the most common used transmission method worldwide to transport electrical energy, and especially to transport bulk energy over big distances on land. Extra high voltage lines may exceed a route length of 1.000 km for the transport of several 1.000 MW per electric circuit  in alternating (AC) or direct current (DC), up to voltages of 1.150 kV. OHL will be designed to build up new grids or to improve and strengthen existing grids.Read More

ETIP SNET views on post COVID 19 recovery

28 août 2020
The COVID19 pandemic has greatly affected all aspects of life and has fully revealed the crucial role of energy in modern society. Without energy the vital functions of the health system, but also of the much dependent telecommunication system would collapse.Read More