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Why collaboration is key to remaining resilient in our electric future

16 juillet 2020

National Grid Electricity Transmission prides itself on providing services safely and reliably, whilst remaining resilient to external factors that could disrupt business activities. As the UK energy landscape changes – with greater cross–sector interdependence and evolving user expectations, how will we ensure that our electricity infrastructure remains resilient in the future?  By working collaboratively across businesses, the electricity sector, and other sectors to define, measure, and address resilience.Read More

Digital ELECTRA to be released in August

6 juillet 2020

Digital ELECTRA is in its final stages of testing and the first edition is on track for release in August. In parallel with the release, we will post on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages to notify members, as well as distribute an ELECTRA email to our database. We will also load notifications on our various digital platforms, including and More

CIGRE active Working Groups / Call for experts

3 juillet 2020

There are approximatively 250 CIGRE Working Groups (WG) managed by the Study Committees. Every year between 40 and 50 WGs terminate their work by publishing a Report or a Technical Brochure, after the review and approval of their Study Committees. - Read More

André-Marie Ampère and the two hundred years of electrodynamics

2 juillet 2020

On September 18, 1820, the French scientist André-Marie Ampère presented his first reflections on the equivalence between magnets and currents at the Paris Academy of Sciences.

This intervention followed the reproduction in front of this same academy, a week earlier, of the Danish scientist Hans Christian Oersted’s famous experiment during which the compass needle deflected when approaching a conducting wire connected to a Volta-type battery. Read More