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Role of green hydrogen in energy transition: opportunities and challenges from technical and economic perspectives

8 janvier 2021
Hydrogen demand is expected to ramp up steeply in the coming decade from ~80 Mt in 2020 up to 160 Mt in 2030 (according to qualified consultants’ studies). The wide range in demand can be explained by significant deviations in cost reductions throughout the hydrogen supply chain, as well as different outlooks on the adoption speed of hydrogen technologies.Read More

Technology and applications of industrial internet of things in power industry

8 janvier 2021
The Power industry-Internet of Things (P-IoT) plays an important role in promoting the low-carbon transformation of energy and improving the quality and efficiency of the power grid. Currently, the global power industry is not satisfied with the effectiveness of low-carbon energy transformation.Read More

Power system restoration accounting for a rapidly changing power system and generation mix

8 janvier 2021
The Working Group C2.26, entitled ’’Power system restoration accounting for a rapidly changing power system and generation mix’’, aims to identify and address emerging risks on system restoration, investigate opportunities for increased utilisation of new and emerging technologies during system restoration, and enable system operators and network owners to continue to execute a successful system restart when required despite a rapidly changing power system and generation mix.Read More

The Application of Blockchain Technology in Power Systems

12 novembre 2020
Due to the centralised structure of energy systems with large-scale industrial and commercial loads and because of the environmental concerns, power generation centers have been located far from the load centers. High-Voltage (HV) transmission lines and power distribution networks are used to transfer the generated power to the load centers. Traditionally, energy systems with a centralised structure have been capable of delivering power with higher efficiency with the use of fossil fuels.Read More