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Development of Grid Forming Converters for Secure and Reliable Operation of Future Electricity Systems

18 août 2022
Climate Change gradually becomes a global challenge for sustainable development of human beings.  A number of countries have or will set their own Net Zero targets to co-address such challenge.Read More

Renewable gases to decarbonise the power system

18 août 2022
There is significant pressure on the electricity industry to decarbonise their power systems as part of the response by many countries to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.  CIGRE is supporting industry in examining the methods to connect renewable energy sources with energy uses as part of this process. Read More

Roadmaps to a common destination: Decarbonization of energy systems

19 juillet 2022
This paper summarizes the contributions of 4 distinguished experts, who present the decarbonization goals of the energy systems in Europe, USA, China and Australia at the CIGRE/ETIP SNET panel in August 2021. The presentations include the status of the energy systems, the main challenges faced in advancing their transition, set time-schedules and milestones for achieving transition goals, and the research and innovation requirements and plans to tackle them.Read More

CIGRE International Women in Energy has a new Chair

5 juillet 2022
For the first time since the establishment of governance procedures for the executive board of the CIGRE Women in Energy (WiE) network, the representatives of the WiE networks of the National Committees elected the Chair and Vice-Chair of the international network on 7 June 2022.Read More