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How broadband communication networks can benefit power distribution

12 mai 2021

Distribution utilities looking for ways to squeeze more reliable, high-quality power from their electrical distribution infrastructure can now get their wish — while also delaying major capital expenditures, lowering their operating costs and improving their ability to integrate distributed energy resources.Read More

Energy Sectors Integration and impact on power grids

11 mai 2021
Energy Sectors Integration (ESI) denotes the system that coordinates the generation, transmission, conversion, and utilization of energy across different energy sectors, pathways, and time scales. Compared with “classical” energy system in which energy sectors are treated independently Read More

SF6 end-of-life treatment of T&D equipment (>1kV) in Substations

11 mai 2021

SF6 has proven its excellent dielectric properties for the safe and secure operation of electrical equipment. Its only drawback is the very high global warming potential which casts a serious cloud over this substance when released into the atmosphere.Read More

Safety: a crucial issue to sustainability on insulated cable systems

11 mai 2021

Today a greater focus than earlier is put on safety and safe work conditions and therefore a more goal-oriented approach to safety is needed, consisting of guidelines, specifications and recommendations.Read More