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Life-long Supervision and Management of Substations by use of Sensors, Mobile Devices, Information and Communication Technologies

29 août 2023
Substations are key elements in the present and future electricity networks, hosting a wide range of equipment and are responsible for providing key functions for proper grid operation and for “keeping lights on”...Read More

CIM methodology

29 août 2023
The extensive growth of digitalization has resulted in development and implementation of numerous applications and systems used by utilities...Read More

End-to-End Energy Solutions and the ESG Sustainability Initiatives

29 août 2023
The pressing need to combat climate change and promote sustainable development has led to an increased focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in the corporate world. Businesses are now recognizing that their long-term success and resilience are closely tied to their commitment to sustainable practices...Read More

CIGRE highlights its value in the energy transition

28 août 2023
Over the past 12 months, CIGRE’s prestigious Technical Council has been analysing our role in the energy transition and how the existing Study Committee structure can be refined to ensure relevance.Read More