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Why join


A CIGRE membership opens up a range of options for accessing real world power system knowledge from across the whole world. It also opens the door to the unique CIGRE community where collaborating with peers to solve your local challenges is just one of many benefits.

Membership rights include


  • Unlimited free access to e-cigre.org The home of CIGRE's comprehensive publications and the world's authorative source of technical reference information
  • Free access to ELECTRA
    The bimonthly technical journal of the association, the window on a world of power systems solutions.
  • Opportunities to join the CIGRE's unique knowledge development programme by joining a working group or study committee
  • Reduced registration fees for CIGRE events Including the Paris Session the global thought leadership congress of the community
  • Eligilibty to enter CIGRE's prestigous awards


Key benefits of membership include


  • Collaborate with experts from across the whole power system
  • Access perspectives and peers from every corner of the globe
  • Learn from other professional's and organisations practical experiences
  • Upskill and be prepared for the future 


Follow this link to see the full summary of the 9 key benefits of CIGRE.

Why Join



Join CIGRE for power system expertise



  •  Collaborate with experts from across the whole power system


  •  Access perspectives and peers from every corner of the globe.


  •  Unlimited free access to e-cigre.org


  •  Free access to ELECTRA


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