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In today’s changing power system

There’s one place you can go to get the knowledge you need



You and your organisation need to keep up with the changing world of power system expertise.

CIGRE offers members access to the world’s foremost global community and its world leading knowledge programme, expert people and publications.

Since our founding in Paris France in 1921, as a not for profit association, sharing and developing knowledge has been intrinsic to our culture. Today CIGRE is present in over 90 countries with more than 17000 professionals collaborating and sharing for power system expertise.

With our low through high voltage end to end scope and comprehensive global presence, there really is one place you can go to get the knowledge you need.

Join online now to access the colleagues, expertise and resources you need. It’s great value and easy.

900+ Technical Brochures

Access to a library of in-depth Technical Brochures growing at around 40 per year and spanning every subject in the power system.


Free downloads of 12000+ technical publications

From e-cigre.org the world’s foremost and authoritative source of power system technical reference information.


Collaborate with experts

Participation opportunities for members are extensive within CIGRE's global knowledge development programme. Typically 250 working groups are active at any one time.


Access perspectives and peers from across the globe

Beyond the things your membership qualifies you for there are many benefits to a CIGRE membership. Read about the top nine here.


60+ In country and regional CIGRE organisations.


6 Editions of ELECTRA per year

Free access to the digital magazine of choice for the power system professional.


Save on the Paris Session!

Receive a special rate on registration for the leading global event for power system expertise.


There is no better source in the world for sharing, learning and developing power system expertise at this price.