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Strategic direction and technical council


CIGRE’s strategic focus

As shown in the knowledge programme structure diagram, CIGRE's global community influences the strategic and technical direction of the knowledge programme based on real world experiences. This is achieved through a range of bodies within the organisation, including an Administrative Council that has representatives from each of the National Committees and the Steering Committee which is the executive body of CIGRE. 


These groups periodically review and set CIGRE’s strategic focus, which is then interpreted by the experts of the Technical Council (21 member reps, mainly recognised technical experts) into a clear set of technical strategies and action plans. These in turn are applied to the programme of work undertaken within the 16 domains that CIGRE's Study Committees work in.


Using this approach CIGRE's work remains relevant to the key factors influencing the world's power systems today and in the future.


CIGRE current strategic focus

  • Capturing all relevant aspects of the Energy Transition
  • Industry Transformation on equipment, planning, design and operation in Transmission & Distributions systems
  • Environment, sustainability and governance paradigms affecting the company’s business models
  • System Performance with high penetration of Inverter Based devices
  • Hydrogen as a new energy driver
  • Unbiased information for all stakeholders


Current pressing challenges focused on

  • Renewable energy sources
  • Compliance to environmental requirements
  • Limitations to build new transmission infrastructures
  • Architecture of Transmission and Distribution networks and systems
  • Maintaining the existing power systems by Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Transmission of large amounts of power over long distances
  • Cyber security and very fast communication, control and supervision  systems
  • Intermittency of renewable power generation
  • Market Regulation enhancements
  • New Gases to replace SF6

Welcome to the world of CIGRE


Welcome to the world of CIGRE

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