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CIGRE Awards Medal




Name Country Year CIGRE function
Richard BEVAN Australia 2021 Former CIGRE Treasurer
Anjan BOSE United States 2021 Long-standing and outstanding expert in "Power systems operation and control"
Mark WALDRON United Kingdom 2020 Former Technical Council Chair
Konstantin PAPAILIOU Switzerland 2020 Former Chair of SC B2 "Overhead lines", Chief Editor of CSE


2018 Former CIGRE President
Clark GELLINGS USA 2018 Former Chair of the United States National Committee
Narain G. HINGORANI United States 2016 Former Chair of SC 14 "HVDC links and AC power electronic equipment"
Prabha KUNDUR Canada 2014 Former Chair Canada NC, former Chair of SC C4 "System Technical Performance"
Marcio SZECHTMAN Brazil 2014 Former Chair of SC B4 "HVDC and Power Electronics"
Colin RAY United Kingdom 2012 Former Chair of SC C1 “System Development and Economics”
André MERLIN France 2012 Former CIGRE President
Jean KOWAL France 2010 Former CIGRE Secretary General
Heinz-Helmut SCHRAMM Germany 2010 Former Chair of SC 13 “Switching Equipment”
Aldo BOLZA Italy 2008 Former CIGRE Technical Committee Chair
Joao Guimaeraes Ferreira DA SILVA Brazil 2008 Former Chair Brazil NC, Chair RIAC

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Welcome to the world of CIGRE

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