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CIGRE Fellow Award



Name Country Year Contribution to CIGRE
Britta BUCHHOLZ Germany 2022 Chair of Study Committe C6 "Active distribution systems and distributed energy resources" from 2014 to 2016, Special Reporter, and co-chair of the C6 and Women in Energy sessions during the 2021 Virtual Centennial Session in Paris.
Jianbin FAN China 2022 Chinese Regular Member of Study Committee A3 "Transmission and distribution equipment" from 2010 to 2016 and of Study Committee B3 " Substations and electrical installations" since 2016, and member of CIGRE Administrative Council and Steering Committee since 2019.
Joao Felix NOLASCO Brazil 2022 Special Reporter of Study Committee B2 "Overhead lines" during Paris Sessions, convener of the Joint Working Group-B2/B4/C1.17 "Impacts of HDVC lines on the Economics of HDVC projects", and co-author of CIGRE Green Book on "Overhead Lines".
Alvaro PORTILLO Uruguay 2022 Outstanding contribution to Study Committees: A2 "Power transformers and reactors", D1 "Materials and emerging test techniques" and C4 "Power system technical performance".
Rene SMEETS Netherlands 2022 Convener of Working Groups A3.41 "SF6 alternatives impact on switching", A3.27 "High voltage vaccuum switchgear" and Joint Working Group B4/A3.80 "HDVC circuit breakers".


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